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poor folks

clinton vacation homeThough she now regrets saying it, Hitlary was trying to build empathy by telling her fans that the Clintons “were basically broke” when they left the White House.

Poor things. Got a $80 million dollar house in New York City, secret service servants, senate seat, speaking bribes fees … after walking out of the White House with 200-year old silverware, plates and furniture, along with the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS files and other damning data on enemies and the vulnerable that they accumulated during their stay.

The above all came out when it was fresh, along with a lot more really ugly stuff, but the news stories disappear by the time the ink dries on the first reporting of them. While Gerald Celente calls them “presstitutes”, the sad truth is mainstream media all report to the same bosses – that the really BIG MONEY is beyond even the first reporting of their evil activities.

Meanwhile … this is what our vacation home looks like.

tent camping

The Clintons have no idea what broke, poor, economy mean… or, for that matter the concepts of honor, integrity and honesty… those for saps.

While nobody could accuse me of feeling sorry for them, I wouldn’t trade my life nor my circumstances for theirs – not for a moment, not at my lowest.

However, it turns my stomach that people listen to these lowlifes; that there is any respect whatsoever granted to them. Far worse is the possibility they get another shot at the high life in the chairs of power. You couldn’t pay me enough to feign respect towards them, or the rest of those in the centers of political power.

income distribution changeJust so’s you know, they have really ramped up the theft in the last decade. They seem to be in a screaming hurry as if we will wake up on a certain timeline regardless of what they do, so best hurry, hurry, hurry to steal the last dinner plate before the mob with the pitchforks and rope break down the door.

Now that last is something I really hope to witness. Justice is something I am particularly fond of.

Meanwhile, I share what I can in attempts to inform and inspire liberty and the lovers thereof.

WealthDistributionThis economic pillaging is important. Where the money is coming from matters. How they afford the mass killing worldwide is significant. The uses they put to our ignorance matters.

Honorable people grow up respecting private property. At some point we have to shift our understanding a bit to grasp that this amazing accumulation of wealth is NOT earned – at least in the way we think of as earning things. This distribution is raw theft.

EVERYTHING they have is stolen.

While we may never come up with a fair way to redistribute it, those sitting on their piles of gold are the least likely to deserve it. The world would be far safer, saner and freer with the prison population turned loose in the mansions while the mansion population moved into the prisons.

rich_get_richer_seesaw19oct2010While that won’t happen, what might, would be enough people waking up to the immorality and criminality at the top that justice would find them. I know it has to get a lot uglier down here in the bottom 99% before that happens, but am ever hopeful that it may, in the end, result in liberty and justice for all – particularly for THEM.