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match setup

We are coming up to the Nampa Rod And Gun Club match weekend. A real fun favorite match is their Vance Cusic Vietnam Memorial Match… four-man teams in several 200-yard rapid-fire courses of fire, including some moving silhouettes as well as full-sized and “prone silhouettes”.

Rifles must be in looks and function semi-automatic versions of rifles used by some military somewhere in the world during the USofA VS Vietnam conflict… that is to say that AR-15s are the predominant choice. They also are only allowed iron sights with peep rear and post front being the main choice.

It isn’t worth loading up the high-end target ammo used on high-power matches, but it has to be good enough to stay in a modest-sized group and fire 100% without fail. I am all loaded up now with some no-name 75-grain bullets.

This was the first event for my new reloading bench. The re-purposed “mud room” is a bit narrow, but working perfectly for its amended role. This is also the first time I used the big-eye on a stand in front of my balance beam. It sure facilitated target acquisition (made it much easier to see the lines aligned).

reloading 9x

Today I took to the 200-yard range for sight-in. I poofed some dirt, banged some steel, lit a Dirty Bird target, then shot 10 rapid fire into the intended target: the prone silhouette. Ten-for-ten will definitely hold up my corner of the team; end of the bargain.

Vietnam Match sight-in 9x

The special JFK-Memorial Magic Bullet hole with the yellow star around it was actually a hole already in the target before I began shooting my ten-shot rapid fire string. I’ll take it on match day where every hole counts.

My spotter said I could have shot a little slower. He also was concerned about the lack of contrast between our faded target and his faded plywood target backer. At 200 yards, there was not much to work with. Nevertheless, I am quite pleased with the results. Small groups are rewarding, but given the circumstances and pace of fire, this is very good indeed.