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What, Me Worry?

teton dam failurePainted Rocks Reservoir is full.

Everything that comes in must go out.

Spring snowmelt is about to begin.

Snowpack is at 180% of normal.

There is no warning system for failure.

If an earth-filled dam flows over the top, it will be quickly dissolve and disappear downstream in a raging flood of epic proportions.

About 10,000 Ravalli County residents die… but there is no warning system and no realistic plan.what-me-worry

What could possibly go wrong?

I’m sure there is nothing to be worried about. So I won’t worry.

However, I will be alert. And I think I will finally pack that 72-hour bag that has been (obviously too low) on my ToDo list for a decade.

Unfortunately, this could seriously impact my plans for the weekend – even if it is only a regular flood stage or the threat thereof.