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Ravalli Sheriff

I was disappointed to see that the incumbent Ravalli County Sheriff was running unopposed. He is not THAT good. Nobody is. Most importantly, he is not among the growing number of Constitutional Sheriffs in the USofA.

I did a little feasibility study with some selected friends. At a meeting Saturday, I was strongly encouraged to run for this office.

We are off and running.

We have until the 27th of this month to gather 700 registered Ravalli County voter signatures in order to have a choice November 4th.

The county sheriff is more important than most people understand. Please look at the PAGES linked on the left column of this website for more information.

It matters – to you – to me – to all of us.

You can help give us a choice for sheriff November 4th. Fill out a petition (or more) and petition gatherer forms. Submit them to the Ravalli County Elections office by mid-day May 27th (earlier is good, too).

CLICK for petition for nomination .PDF
or print the image below if that works better.

petition for nomination

The petition gatherer form needs to be submitted with the petitions. One affidavit can be used with up to 25 petitions.

CLICK for petition gatherer .PDF
or print the image below if that works better.

petition gatherer

For every petition sheet submitted, one petition gatherer must be attached. If you gather more than one sheet, you may attach them to the “petition gatherer” affidavit as well. No more than 25 sheets may be attached to any one affidavit. (If you get more than 25 of these filled out, I will be hugely impressed).

Please turn them in to the Ravalli Elections Department, 215 S 4th St, Suite C, Hamilton.

They would appreciate it if we turned them in in modest-sized batches, rather than all at once on the last day, which is May 27th.

Note: to get 700 valid, registered voter signatures by May 27th is going to take a serious effort.
This is serious.
Treat it so.