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ignore at your peril

Wymar money value chart


The obfuscators have their mystical language so you can admire their superior knowledge and assume you just don’t understand economics. That has been the design of Keynesian economics from its inception.

You could learn Austrian Economics. It does, after all, not only make sense, it proves itself reliable time after time, regardless of when and where you apply it.

Making it much easier, the two charts on this page give it to you in a clear, simple picture. You don’t have to even read a little pamphlet to GET it.

Pictured here is what happens when you allow individuals to print money out of thin air – for fun and profit.

Even the uneducated can utilize the lower chart to draw a big

arrow on the upper chart in just about the same exact spot history will put it after the dust settles.

Not too much longer before 99% of the people in a world now devastated by sudden economic collapse will commiserate, “Nobody could have seen it coming.”