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prostitution in DC

milked to deathpercentage of millionairesProstitution is the most lucrative business in the District of Criminals.
I do not use that word arbitrarily.

pros-ti-tute 3. a person who willingly uses his talent or ability in a base and unworthy way, usually for money 4. to sell or offer oneself as a prostitute
millionaires_in_congressThis comes into the forefront of my mind as Harry Reid unleashes the BLM, DHS. NSA, CIA, contract snipers and the Las Vegas metro police on a family cattle ranch that predates the state of Nevada. All for fun and profit – his, that is.

median income
While this particular example may spark a major shooting war between the government and the governed, it is only ONE EXAMPLE. These people infesting DC did not honestly earn their income.

I’ll give you another relevant definition:
ceo to worker ratio chart
the-super-rich-bought-super-influence-through-super-pacsoligarchy – a form of government in which power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique.
More and more people, particularly observers from outside the USofA are calling it that way. I don’t know how it looks from your chair, but it certainly is clear from where I sit.

income shares of super richKeep in mind that Obama in particular, and most of them in general have not worked an honest job EVER. They didn’t start with some expendable investment capital, money or income and through great business acumen turn it into the wealth they have. NO. They sold their position, their power, their morality and your country for money… to the men who make money off the actions of those who govern.

In that circle, the politicians are lower-middle income.
But we aren’t invited.

It may seem like a long ways from here, but this will end when we no longer accept the illegitimate government in the District of Criminals AND use something other than the Federal Reserve Note for our exchanges of goods and services… or when the courageous are dead.