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Fort Hood shooting II

USA Today 8:07 a.m. EDT April 3, 2014
A soldier killed three people and wounded 16 others before shooting himself to death Wednesday at Fort Hood, the same Texas base that was the scene of the worst attack on a domestic U.S. military installation five years ago, officials said.

It is simplistic to say, “They don’t seem to have learned anything from the prior shooting there.” The people who keep these soldiers disarmed in their workplace pay no price for the mistake. The dead and wounded, on the other hand, have no say in their right to self-defense, or more accurately, the absence of that basic, human right.

Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, head of the Army’s III Corps at the post, said the shooter was a veteran of combat in Iraq who had “mental health issues and was being treated for that.”

Who was treating him? There is rather compelling evidence that the doctor is supremely incompetent.

My good friends the psychologists are disgusted with their industry and nearly all practitioners thereof. It turned into a lazy-man’s game of pushing psychotropic drugs with no regard to the effects of them, combined with complete neglect of the underlying problems their patients actually were suffering from. My friends were islands of actual psychology in a sea of lazy drug pushers.

“At this time there is no indication that this incident is related to terrorism”

Ohmygosh… never miss an opportunity to keep the masses huddled in fear of the hobgoblin of the day. We NEED authorities, more/bigger government and less liberty to protect us from either global warming climate-change or terrorists.

Milley said the shooter walked into a building on the post and opened fire around 4 p.m., then got into a car, fired more shots and then went to another building shooting before he was engaged by responding military police. His body was recovered in a parking lot, he said.

Building one was full of very competent firearm users – all disarmed by rules and regulations, the violation of which would send them to prison. A few shots into the rampage and this guy should have been dead, wounded or disarmed by threat of force. Sadly, because the military is armed for offense, but disarmed for defense, they go to the morgue instead.

After having his way unthreatened in building one, he drives off to building two for another round against disarmed soft targets. For him it is just like a video game with more realistic results.

The suspect used a .45-caliber semi-automatic weapon purchased recently in the local area, Milley said. The suspect had not registered it with the post as required, he said.

Oh they require it to be registered with the post. THAT would surely have fixed everything. Maybe they can use stronger language in their requirement. That’ll do it… You really, really, really MUST register your guns with the post.

Milley said the suspect was undergoing “psychiatric treatment for depression and anxiety and a variety of other psychological” problems. He said the soldier was undergoing a diagnosis process to determine if he had post-traumatic stress disorder, but had not been diagnosed with it.

Disorders and syndromes for every possible, normal human condition was another of my psychologist-friends’ rants/peeves. Give it a name, expand the market for your “services”, prescribe drugs and enjoy big pharma kickbacks. What’s to not like about that? Troubled people truly benefited from a serious effort to help them understand their turmoil and work through it. BUT, that took intelligence,thought and effort. Drug pushing is so much easier.

“We’re heartbroken something like this might have happened again,” President Obama said in Chicago, after being briefed on the events.

Oh spare me. The champion drone-the-babies button pusher is heartbroken that some of his pawns died at Fort Hood. He didn’t mind sending them over to fight, die or get maimed for some Arabs and against other Arabs for fun and profit. What? He’s heartbroken because they died here instead of there???? Puke!

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, speaking to reporters while in Honolulu to host a conference of Southeast Asian defense leaders, called the shootings a “terrible tragedy.” Asked about security improvements in the wake of other shootings at U.S. military bases, Hagel said, “Obviously when we have these kinds of tragedies on our bases, something’s not working.”

Wow! Now we have some real progress … or perhaps Hagel got a rocket surgeon added to his script-writing cadre. There are, of course, millions of us who could prescribe a fix for this problem. But we will never get that chance … at least via the political process.