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APS cooling on warming

American Physical Society Sees The Light: Will It Be The First Major Scientific Institution To Reject The Global Warming ‘Consensus’? by James Delingpole The American Physical Society (APS) has signalled a dramatic turnabout in its position on “climate change” by appointing three notorious climate skeptics to its panel on public affairs (POPA). They are: Professor Richard Lindzen, formerly Alfred P Sloan Professor of Meteorology at Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a highly regarded physicist who once described climate change alarmism on The Larry King Show as “mainly just like little kids locking themselves in dark closets to see how much they can scare each other and themselves.” John Christy, Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, […]

Ukraine’s Mysterious Snipers

Ukraine’s Mysterious Snipers Who were they – and, more importantly, who hired them? by Justin Raimondo Exactly a month ago the Ukrainian crisis seemed on the verge of a peaceful resolution: the European Union had mediated negotiations between the government of Viktor Yanukovich and leaders of the opposition, and an agreement had been reached. The government consented to a truce in exchange for a promise of early elections, a downsizing of the President’s powers, and the freeing of opposition leader and wealthy oligarch Julia Tymoshenko, jailed on charges of corruption (and possible involvement in a murder plot). It didn’t work out that way. Instead, what happened less than twenty-four hours after the truce was announced was a shocking act […]

sex taboo

We cannot talk about sex in polite company. Rulers and law makers throughout history, around the world, including here and now, prohibit all sorts of sexual conduct among the non-politically-connected in their typical “Do as we say; not as we do” fashion. There are special forces in most large police agencies devoted to sex – that is, arresting those whose appetites run counter to the political rules. Sex outside a theoretical norm is distasteful, prurient, embarrassing, not to mention disastrous if caught by public exposure or police intervention. Yet most of it, no matter how outlandish it seems to any of us individually, is actually quite normal. But we cannot talk about it, fight the Puritanical legislation against it or […]

microwave cooking with cell phones

To make educated decisions you need both sides of the story. In the USofA, the CEOs of the 6 media monopolies are compatriots of the cell phone CEOs, and populate the top of the Federal Communications Commission – the “regulators” of the industry. THAT is one side of the story. Linked below is a video with a bit of the other side of the story. It is certainly worth a look. Other countries are handling the risks and information about them differently. I studied for, and earned my FCC Amateur Radio Operator license. First for the Technician class, then for the General class. My wife, currently a Technician, is studying for her General test at the end of this month. […]

US entering war on the losing side

Kremlin: If The U.S. Tries To Hurt Russia’s Economy, Russia Will Target The Dollar Sunday, 16 March 2014 05:43 Testosterone Pit This article was originally published at Testosterone Pit Another warning shot was fired before an all-out assault on the dollar system begins. This time, an official shot: Alexey Ulyukaev, Russia’s Minister of Economic Development and former Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank, fired it. It was a major escalation, Valentin Mândrăşescu, editor of The Voice of Russia’s Reality Check, told me from Moscow. Last time, it was Sergei Glazyev, an advisor to Vladimir Putin who’d fired the shot. But he wasn’t a government official. “Anonymous sources” at the Kremlin claimed he wasn’t speaking for the government. As Mândrăşescu reported […]

Ukraine rapists exposed

IMF Plans Massive Austerity For Ukraine According To Crimea Leaders Tuesday, 18 March 2014 04:54 Brandon Turbeville This article was written by Brandon Turbeville and originally published at Activist Post If statements made by Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea, Olga Kovitidi, are to be taken as truth, the future of Ukrainians living under the yoke of Fascists, the European Union, and the IMF will be yet another example of the imposition of extreme austerity measures and national impoverishment that is the fruit of alignment with those institutions. The Western-backed coup government in Kiev, of course, has already gone begging to the IMF for financial help after it turned its back on a much better loan offered by Russia. The conditions […]


Modern Newspeak* has perverted the word free into its antonym. Considering what “free” really means, I wholeheartedly agree with those who adore free education, free food, free healthcare and all other forms of a free lunch. To them I say, “TANSTAAFL“. FREE – Synonyms autonomous, freestanding, independent, self-governed, self-governing, self-ruling, separate, sovereign Related Words freeborn; delivered, emancipated, freed, liberated, manumitted, redeemed, released; unconquered, unruled, unsupervised; empowered, enfranchised Near Antonyms bound, captive, conquered, enslaved, fettered, subdued, subjugated; inferior, subordinate, subservient * Newspeak Wikipedia definition * George Orwell’s definition Look at the full definition of “free”. The one below is from I encourage you to look it up in a real paper, hardbound dictionary of respectable size. You will find nearly […]

gone rogue (again)

ATF Raids Gun Store, Seizes Client List to Target Gun Owners! Dear Conservative, As the push for gun control consumed Washington, D.C. last year, Second Amendment supporters warned that the Left’s end-goal was a complete registry of Americans’ firearms. Whether you like it or not, that’s what “universal background checks” are: every time a weapon changes hands, the transfer would require the Federal government’s approval. Many law-abiding Americans prefer to avoid the background check process, not because they have something to hide, but because they would prefer that the government did not have a record of their purchases. However, a select few socialist states force their citizens to perform private gun sales through licensed firearm dealers as well, requiring background […]

victory in Idaho

VICTORY: Idaho Legislature Votes to Nullify Federal Gun Control All across the country, we’re seeing states begin to fight back against federal overreach. States are using nullification, a method of undermining federal law by preventing state resources to go towards its enforcement, as a way to effectively gut the unconstitutional measures passed by Congress. This is happening with policies like Obamacare, NDAA, and federal gun control. Idaho’s legislature just joined the fray to push back against future federal gun control measures by unanimously passing a bill that would prevent the state’s officers from going towards the enforcement of any measure that would disarm the citizenry. The bill, which contains an “emergency” provision that means it would go into effect immediately, […]

US Embassy in Ukraine Staging False Flag

Leaked documents show US Embassy in Ukraine is staging a False Flag   … by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor, …with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow   The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg [Editors Note: This is the second leaked Embassy article that Gordon did after the first that went to Press TV. By the next day new infomation had come in and we had indentified another Amerian actor in setting up the Russians for a false flag attack.We wanted NEO to have the update quickly as we were of course trying to drive the story. Thanks to all of the reader support which made us the main publication pushing this. It is the 2nd top read story on PTV […]

spreading democracy everywhere … but Crimea

The rhetoric is always about the wonderful USofA war machine spreading democracy around the world. Except today. Except in Crimea. THERE, it turns out, is an exception to the wonders of democracy. World War III, economic Armageddon and slaughter of millions is preferable to democratic rule in Crimea. The USofA (with no economic problems of its own) has pledged over one million thousand dollar bills to bribe and coerce Ukraine and Crimea into toeing their line. Not to mention the military planes, ships, guns and operatives to do some serious killing for democracy … oops, I mean non-democracy in this case, though I’m not sure what they would have me call it. You might have been fooled by your televisions, […]

a big one in the crowd

It is a crowded field, but among the more famous and destructive of his blatant, well-known, widely-supported lies is the “You can keep your doctor” / “You can keep your insurance” one. Obamacare Lie Revealed: Obama Admits You Can’t Keep Your Doctor! Dear Conservative, It was only a matter of time before Barack Obama had to admit that he had been lying to us. In a recent interview with WebMD, President Obama actually admitted that Americans would not necessarily be able to keep their own doctor. Wait a minute, I thought that was something we were promised? (video) Obama stood before the American people and lied through his teeth in order to get elected. He told Americans that ”no matter […]

your evening news

For a refreshing change, I give you an alternative to both the mainstream media your television spews out AND from my regularly quoted sources. This is a good one with an excellent track record in articles of theirs I have read. Today’s collection of headlines had a number well worth further looking. Sponsored Ad Economic Collapse – When It Will Happen The media has sworn a blood oath to keep it hushed, but you deserve to know the truth because in this treasonous agenda, you and your loved ones are the sacrificial lambs. Continue Reading → Sponsored by U.S. Deception John Stossel on Generational Theft: Are Baby Boomers Stealing From Younger Generations? Is the Baby Boom generation essentially stealing from […]