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It could be a mood thing, but this morning’s news has me palm-smacking my forehead. Much of it is three, four or more steps into an unreality mainstream media established via repetition. Built on no real foundation whatsoever, they are hanging pictures on walls that exist only in the minds of people they have deceived.

sporting claysI think I’ll treat this one as a session of sporting clays … popping the clay pigeons as they come flying out every whichaway…The Headlines:

The West has not yet reached a stage where it will be ready to impose economic sanctions on Russia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said
Let me interpret for you. Germany gets a major portion of its natural gas from Russia, along with major quantities of other natural resources. The Russians have made it abundantly clear they aren’t going to sit down for whatever pummeling the ruling elite of Europe and USofA care to dish out.

Dueling sanctions will bury ‘The West’, and these buffoons full well know it. Of course sitting at the top means they won’t personally feel a gradual boiling of the public frogs, but if they screw it up too badly, too suddenly, the masses will literally hang them. They may be they are dim-witted psychopaths, but at least bright enough to recognize the surety of THAT particular outcome.

The EU has blood on its hands after meddling in the Ukrainian crisis, once again revealing its imperial ambitions
, Nigel Farage, leader of the euroskeptic UK Independence Party,
said in a TV debate with Britain’s deputy PM, Nick Clegg.

“We should hang our heads in shame,” Farage said, adding that it was the British government that had encouraged the EU to pursue “imperialist, expansionist” ambitions in Ukraine. “We’ve given a false series of hopes to a group of people in western Ukraine and so geared up were they that they, actually, toppled their own elected leader,” he said. With over 100 people killed during the Maidan standoff in Kiev, the European Union “does have blood on its hands” over Ukraine, Farage said. “I don’t want a European army, navy, air force or a European foreign policy. It has not been a thing for good in the Ukraine,” he said.

A YouGov poll carried out immediately after the debate gave Farage a landslide victory with 57 percent, while just 36 per cent of respondents supported Clegg’s position. Joe Biden

Dwarf planet ‘Biden’ identified in an unlikely region of our solar system

I am normally disgusted for naming and re-naming things for political hacks. However, I find this one pleasantly appropriate. Naming a dwarf planet found in an unlikely location for this well-known moral and mental midget works for me.

Moscow’s actions in the Crimea are comprehensible, former German chancellor, Helmut Schmidt said, criticizing the Western reaction to the peninsula’s reunification with Russia. President Vladimir Putin’s approach to the Crimean issue is “completely understandable,”

While the sanctions, which target individual Russian politicians and businessmen, employed by the EU and the US against Russia are “a stupid idea,” he added. The current restrictive measures are of symbolic nature, but if more serious economic sanctions are introduced “they’ll hit the West as hard as Russia,” Schmidt warned. He also believes that the refusal of the Western countries to cooperate with Russia in the framework of the G8 is a wrong decision. “It would’ve been ideal to get together now. It would certainly do a lot more to promotion of peace than the threats of sanctions,” the ex-chancellor explained.

This, of course, assumes that the actions are merely stupid. The possibility clearly exists that the District of Criminals and co-conspirators actually want war and destruction. Don’t rule out psychopathic behavior or give them the polite excuse that they may be merely idiots.

Ukraine appears close to reaching a bailout deal with the International Monetary Fund because its new leaders have the “determination” needed to carry out the financial reforms the IMF is demanding

Kiev, which recently signed political association agreement with the European Union, is negotiating a major loan of up to $20 billion from the IMF under the condition that it reforms the country’s inefficient, corruption-ridden economy. Sikorski said it will require “political courage” to explain to Ukrainians — both lawmakers and the people — the true state of the country’s dire finances. He said Ukraine “is potentially a rich country,” in much better financial shape than Poland was when it embarked on its own political and economic reforms in 1989.
rothschild poster
This follows a two-century-old pattern. The Rothschilds (and proxies) take the resources as collateral, then make a HUGE never-ending loan to the government who, in turn, gets to sit on the throne as long as they don’t harm the new owners. All of the IRS collections in the USofA combine to pay the interest on the national debt – to the Rothschilds. Ukraine has a golden opportunity to give its wealth to them as well. THAT is what this contest is about.

The UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly voted for a resolution submitted by Ukraine denouncing the referendum in Crimea that made the Black Sea peninsula an integral part of the Russian Federation.

One hundred UN member countries voted in favor of the resolution, while 11 voted against and 58 abstained. Only 168 out of 193 UN member states were present at the General Assembly

The relatives and syncophats of the world’s dictators are all in agreement. YeeHaw!!! There’s a great system for you. If you want a safe bet on what is good for the people of the country, bet opposite The New World Order the United Nations, NATO, the EU, and the others who have gained the seats of power… and remember the above news clip, The Rothschilds OWN these seats of power.

Ordinary Russians Impose Personal Sanctions on Obama

This one is simply beautiful. The Russians win on style points. We need to follow their example.

I strongly encourage you to click on the above headline. There is some really good thinking in that society.

I’ll be working on mine. How about you?