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steering from the passenger’s seat

In pool it is called “English” when you impart spin by striking the cue ball off center. With proper use of English, a pool player can make the cue ball impart spin to the ball it strikes, successfully making shots, sinking balls in ways that appear magical. English can position the cue ball ‘just so’, setting up the next shot in ways that seem incredibly lucky .. but good players make their own luck.

We lesser players give it a shot and apply what is called “Body English” as we twist and squirm our bodies trying to WILL the balls to do what we had hoped our cue stick would make them do. The phrase Body English carries over to the world outside pool halls as well.

A dear friend of mine is struggling with her emotions over a young relative who seems hell-bent on making bad decisions. Welcome to the club, dear. Those goofy kids (20, 30, 40 years old or so) do impressively ridiculous stuff.

I see her, my wife and others exhausting themselves emotionally and physically trying to pull the lives together of their kids, grandkids, nieces, and others who are near and dear. The problem is, the youngsters aren’t listening. They don’t want the guidance or advice of old fuddy-duddies.

jr trainThey are wearing themselves out applying Body English from the middle of the train. Sorry folks, NO amount of leaning, twisting, contorting or willing the result will change the trajectory of the train you are watching.

You are in the passenger car. You can choose to jump off the train or stay on it. THAT’s IT. That is the sum total of the influence you have on where this train is headed.

This is by design. Some psychopaths years ago realized that strong families and parental influence ran counter to their New World Order. In myriad ways, they have destroyed the family. They have eliminated the multi-generational family and the communities with strong family ties. We are all adrift now … at least as much as they can make us. Pulling it back together is going to happen piece-meal, and rarely.

But exhausting yourself applying Body English will not help.