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going down

The billionaires and their puppets are intent on giving you fear, hate, war, death and destruction… for fun and profit. It seems insane, because it is. Unfortunately, that won’t prevent it from coming to us.

“NO! We will not ALLOW Crimeans to democratically decide who runs their country. The fascists we installed in the Ukrainian capital are the only rulers we will accept FOR YOU.”

“Furthermore, we will, without any public discussion or declaration of war, go to war to enforce our mandate. We will destroy the economy of Russia, USofA, Ukraine and the whole dang world to get our way.”

If people in the USofA do not vociferously complain, that is exactly what the psychopaths at the top are going to do.

Take a good long look at the world you live in. All that stuff you can go get at the store is about to disappear completely. Electricity and Everything it does is going away.

They are taking us to the same place they took Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Palestine and so many more. Are you ready for that world? It is going to be a rather stark change.

This is rather important, wouldn’t you agree? If you are getting your news from them, you are misinformed. You are allowing this horror to take place in your name.

Pay Attention – or Pay the Price

They have been telling you that all the ethnic Russian majority in Crimea and eastern Ukraine are invaders, as if this is a recent development. Only those supporting the new Nazi party should be allowed a say in leadership. A couple BILLION of your money is needed to insure Good Government.

That is very much like the Chinese sponsoring a Native American takeover of Washington DC, then threatening world war and economic devastation if anybody but Native Americans get to choose the leadership of the entire country – with no states or regions allowed out of the contract.

Just a reminder of who bought and paid for those sickos who traded morality for the ego-stoking roles they get to play…

buying pieces of Obama in 2008:
University of California $1,799,460
Goldman Sachs $1,034,615
Harvard University $900,909
Microsoft Corp $854,717
JPMorgan Chase & Co $847,895
Google Inc $817,855
Citigroup Inc $755,057
US Government $638,335
Time Warner $617,844
Sidley Austin LLP $606,260
Stanford University $603,866
National Amusements Inc $579,098
Columbia University $570,839
Skadden, Arps et al $554,439
WilmerHale Llp $554,373
US Dept of Justice $540,636
IBM Corp $534,470
UBS AG $534,166
General Electric $532,031
Morgan Stanley $528,182

Who owns Senate majority leader Reid
who has done nothing but trade senatorial favors for money since 1986
1 Weitz & Luxenberg $157,250
2 Simmons Law Firm $107,600
3 Girardi & Keese $81,600
4 Comcast Corp $75,800
5 Baron & Budd $71,600
6 Waters & Kraus $64,250
7 Morgan & Morgan $63,150
8 Torchmark Corp $63,100
9 Law Offices of Peter G Angelos $61,700
10 MGM Resorts International $58,440
11 League of Conservation Voters $57,680
12 Paul, Weiss et al $55,200
13 Boyd Gaming $53,450
14 NorPAC $52,730
15 Goldman Sachs $50,100
16 WPP Group $49,850
17 AT&T Inc $49,150
18 Apollo Advisors $48,800
19 EnergySolutions Inc $47,850
20 Akin, Gump et al $47,800

A little note about how campaign finance works. This is money they can spend any way they want… It is theirs. Following the money trail of any one of these investments, shows what a great value they are for the investor – nearly all get favors in return worth 100 times what they put in.