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Transnistria Libre!

  Why should the people of Transnistria be forced to use the Roman alphabet? by Justin Raimondo The good news is that Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Paris – the bad news is that the negotiations will come to naught if the US insists on upholding its black-and-white narrative, which depicts Russia as the “aggressor” and Ukraine as the blameless helpless victim. What’s interesting about the diplomatic encounter is the nature of Russia’s proposals: a federal system for Ukraine, which allows for greater autonomy for eastern and southern Ukraine, recognition of Russian as one of the official languages, and – especially baffling for Western observers – guarantees for Transnistria’s Russian-speaking […]

Further on the College Scam

by Ayn R Key There are many reasons why someone being tens of thousands of dollars in debt for a degree in Women’s Studies is symptomatic of the problems with higher education, or indeed all of education, in the United States. This goes beyond the problem of trying to steal the cause by emulating the effect and is actually a problem with education itself. The biggest problem with higher education is that it is trying to achieve conflicting purposes. Some say that higher education is for enrichment and enlightenment, to teach people how to think and to create a broadened perspective. If that is true, then a higher education is a luxury item, and not one that a person should […]

Yellowstone rumbles

4.8 earthquake rocks Yellowstone The Yellowstone River Lower Falls is seen at sunrise in Yellowstone National Park. (Reuters/Lucy Nicholson) A 4.8 magnitude quake rocked Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming near the border with Montana, the US Geological Survey said. There were several aftershocks with a magnitude over 3. The earthquake occurred 37 kilometers northeast of West Yellowstone, Montana at 6:34 am local time (1234 GMT) Sunday. The quake was centered almost in the middle of Yellowstone National Park, near the Norris Geyser Basin, said Peter Cervelli, a spokesman for the USGS Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, NBC News reported. He added that any damage from the temblor would likely be minor, noting there are not many visitors in the park at the […]

The Government’s Inflation Scam

Jacob Hornberger What is happening in Argentina provides a valuable lesson in why governments in every country on earth control the education of the nation’s children. Argentina is suffering the ravages of government debasement of the currency — i.e., inflation, the process by which government pays for its ever-increasing debts and bills by simply printing more paper currency. The expanded money supply results in a lower value of everyone’s money, which is reflected in the rising prices of the things that money buys. According to the New York Times, last year prices in Argentina rose nearly 30%. This year, they’re expected to increase by 45%. Not surprisingly, the government’s inflation of the money supply is causing economic chaos within Argentine […]

emergency lights

Let There Be Light: The Importance of Illumination in Your Preps Posted by: Daisy Luther | on March 29, 2014 How important is light? Well, in the Bible, on the first day, the very first thing God created was light. This signifies exactly how vital a role illumination plays in any situation. Any person who has ever moved from the city to the country can agree, there is no darkness quite like that of being in a place where there are no streetlights, no neon signs, no car headlights, and no light from nearby houses. When we first moved far away from the city to our little cabin in the woods, the darkness there was of an entirely different […]

hair magic

I’m still not believing it, mind you, but my skepticism weakened a notch yesterday. I wrote about hair as part of the human sensory system back in November – see hair November 8, 2013. There were a number of sources, links and personal experiences combined in that article. I decided then to quit having my hair cropped short… and, in fact, have not had my hairs cut since then. Well, I haven’t embraced the untrimmed facial hair thing (yet?). Nevertheless, my hair is no longer (un-pun unintended) sidewalled above my ears, but more or less covering them – as you can see in this photo taken this morning. Theoretically the cosmos can communicate better with us via our hair than […]

good gun law

Gun Owners of America GOA Praises Idaho for Becoming the Next State to Nullify Obama Gun Control Thanks its members for all their hard work!Gun Owners of America today thanked its members for their activism and congratulated the legislators of Idaho for helping their state become the latest to nullify President Obama’s gun control agenda. On Wednesday, Governor Butch Otter (R) signed S.B. 1332, the “Idaho Federal Firearm, Magazine and Register Ban Enforcement Act.” GOA’s Director of Communications Erich Pratt said that, “By signing this nullification bill into law, Idaho has joined an elite class of states that are telling the feds to ‘get lost’ — especially when it comes to unconstitutional gun control infringements.” The new law will […]

criminal gang purge continues

On the outside, it is anybody’s guess why this is going on. Nevertheless, it IS going on. I posted a long list of these over here on February 17th: silencing witnesses before The Event The trend got real for me with the news I posted on February 9th. 5th banker kills himself Another Banker Commits “Suicide” By Shooting Himself EIGHT Times With A NAIL GUN… Though that seems extremely unlikely from the outset, I’ve operated nail guns, and it would be even harder than you can imagine to pull that off. For reasons I can only imagine, The Hits Keep On Coming 😉… The article below has links to its source.   JPM’S TOP COMMERCIAL BANKRUPTCY LAWYER DEAD IN A […]


It could be a mood thing, but this morning’s news has me palm-smacking my forehead. Much of it is three, four or more steps into an unreality mainstream media established via repetition. Built on no real foundation whatsoever, they are hanging pictures on walls that exist only in the minds of people they have deceived. I think I’ll treat this one as a session of sporting clays … popping the clay pigeons as they come flying out every whichaway…The Headlines: The West has not yet reached a stage where it will be ready to impose economic sanctions on Russia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Let me interpret for you. Germany gets a major portion of its natural gas from Russia, […]

den of vipers and thieves

power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely psychopaths find that irresistible willingly sell their soul for a piece of that action ————— The study of the psychopath reveals an individual who is incapable of feeling guilt, remorse or empathy for their actions. They are generally cunning, manipulative and know the difference between right and wrong but dismiss it as applying to them. They are incapable of normal emotions such as love, generally react without considering the consequences of their actions and show extreme egocentric and narcissistic behavior. ————– Psychopathy is a personality disorder that has been variously described as characterized by shallow emotions (in particular reduced fear), stress tolerance, lacking empathy, coldheartedness, lacking guilt, egocentricity, superficial character, manipulativeness, irresponsibility, impulsivity and […]

steering from the passenger’s seat

In pool it is called “English” when you impart spin by striking the cue ball off center. With proper use of English, a pool player can make the cue ball impart spin to the ball it strikes, successfully making shots, sinking balls in ways that appear magical. English can position the cue ball ‘just so’, setting up the next shot in ways that seem incredibly lucky .. but good players make their own luck. We lesser players give it a shot and apply what is called “Body English” as we twist and squirm our bodies trying to WILL the balls to do what we had hoped our cue stick would make them do. The phrase Body English carries over to […]

federal lands expansion plans

THE UNITED NATIONS WILDLANDS PROJECT is a plan to rewild over 50% of America and make it off limits to humans. While this may sound too incredible to be true, aren’t many of the steps already in place to make The United Nations Wildlands Project and their Agenda 21 a reality? The concept of forbidden zones is not new. Agenda 21 has a similar concept laid out to protect the planet from the people. For those unfamiliar with United Nations Agenda 21 ‘sustainable development’ plan, writer and anti-Agenda 21 activist Rosa Koire describes it as this: “In a nutshell, the plan calls for governments to take control of all land use and not leave any of the decision making […]

where’s the truth in Crimea?

Crimea and Ukraine: Whose Cold War?   Abdallah Schleifer I never thought the day would come when I would have to turn to Russian media to get a sense of what was going on somewhere in the world. But just for a start, look at the videos on Youtube from Russia Today, the 24/7 Russian English language news channel. Videos up on Youtube of scenes in Kiev’s Maidan square in the weeks before President Yanukovich fled the city, as the predominantly ultra-nationalist and neo-fascist frontline fighting force of the demonstrators smashed their way into government buildings. And that is what you see – Ukrainian riot police, unarmed, hiding under their shields as they are pelted with rocks and fire bombs […]

winding up sex day

My morning news digest struck me that there were quite a few articles about sexual relations. I wrote about how talking about this very normal activity gives polite society the Hebe-jeebies. See sex taboo. Later that same day, an e-mail arrived with the following list of sex crimes. It fit in too well with this morning’s post for me to ignore it. I have read some of these ridiculous laws, customs and tolerated legislation. I didn’t research, nor can I vouch for any of them. However, they are all credible to me and seem representative of the political/cultural mind set. Here you go: In Lebanon, men are legally allowed to have sex with animals, but…. the animals must be female. […]