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what did you learn in school?

what did you learn in schoolHEY YOU.

Yes, YOU out there.

This is a serious question.

I want you to answer for yourself.

What did you learn in the 4th grade that you

A) still use today
B) wouldn’t have learned another way?

Oh. So the public school system STOLE a year of your life for nothing.

Let’s try again.

What did you learn in the 8th grade that you still use today and would not have learned another way?

Oops. Another year of your life stolen by the government school near-monopoly.

One more try.

What irreplaceable thing did you learn in the 2nd grade?

Real educators can teach reading and writing to an interested person in a few months.

Real teachers can impart basic mathematics to someone who is ready to learn in a few months.

Why again do we relegate our growing youth to the straight-jacket of government schools?