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peace president fuels riots

An anti-government protester throws a Molotov cocktail towards Interior Ministry members during clashes in KievMake no mistake, the talk from Obama, Kerry and the supposed “diplomats” waving the USofA flag is being backed up by covert action. They have continued to make it perfectly clear that Ukraine is, in their global plan, to be part of the EU.

Trading Russia’s natural gas for Ukraine’s strong agriculture and other agreeable exchanges between neighbors is NOT OKAY for the globalists. “You MUST be subordinate to our leaders in the EU.”

So they fan the flames.

The inbred organized crime family running North America and Europe into the ground knows no limits. They want it all: Interior Ministry members are on fire, caused by molotov cocktails hurled by anti-government protesters, as they stand guard during clashes in KievAll the power; All the wealth; and nothing but serfs and slaves outside of their group.

What is happening in Ukraine, Venezuela, Europe and elsewhere will come to the USofA. You would be foolish to not expect it here too. There is much to be learned from the show.

Quite possibly the best source is RT. Study with an open, alert and critical mind the articles, pictures and videos there.

Imagine our beautiful (and not so pretty) cities looking like this.

Imagine yourself, friends, family, neighbors on one side or the other of this violence, anger, death and fear.

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Ukraine bloodshed: Kiev death toll jumps to 77
The number of those killed in the Ukrainian violence has risen to 77, the country’s Health Ministry has said. Doctors working on Kiev’s Independence Square, however, claimed that as many as 70 people were killed on the rioters’ side alone on Thursday.

Ukrainian parliament passes resolution to pull back troops from Kiev


Meanwhile, down south: same gameVenezuela

President Maduro accuses

Obama of inciting violence

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused President Obama of promoting ongoing protests in the country, and of backing members of the opposition alleged to be behind violence.

In a communique, the Latin American leader demanded that the US explain its motives in “financing, promoting and defending members of the opposition that promote violence against our country.”

Maduro went on to denounce declarations made by President Obama regarding the situation in Venezuela, saying that they presented a “gross interference in internal affairs.”

As if bombing back to the stone age Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Palestine while running covert operations and supplying anti-government forces in an untold number more isn’t enough to frame his Nobel Peace Prize in dishonor.

In his defense, I do have to remind myself that he is merely the mouthpiece; a puppet; a bit player in the big game being played by bored, hyper-wealthy psychopaths and sociopaths.