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Kiev: praetorian guards VS the people

I am not concerning myself a whole lot with which side is right in Ukraine. I cannot know. I do know the Bilderberg / New World Order gang is actively fomenting alignment with their EU faction. I suspect the revolt couldn’t have happened if the Ukraine administration wasn’t corrupt and ugly. I wish them luck in getting it sorted out in favor of the Ukrainian people.

To me, the interesting sociological and tactical question is: kiev-11

“What happens when the people decide that the state has to go?”

The people have been taxed and otherwise drained of resources to feed the state. Since this is never fully voluntary, the state gears up to suppress the people. The balance is just how much the parasite can extract before the host rebels. The Ukraine is one example of the host trying to peel the parasites off.

What would happen in the USofA if there were warrantless searches, unlawful data collection, secret prisons, war on common behaviors, detainment camps, election fraud, massive theft and other violations of the people by their government?

Oh. I guess I already know that answer. Nothing.

Okay, but what would happen if a large percentage of the people recognized it?

I believe the parasites have become overly ambitious.

I think we are about to see a great awakening in the USofA.

I expect the riots, unrest and civil war to begin in this country too.

They are geared up. We are not. How this plays out is visible now in other countries. We get to watch from afar, but really ought to pay very close attention – as if it is our neighborhood next. Because it is.

Pictures, text and videos from the Ukraine conflict

The people, by the way, won this round.