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create your own website

Building and operating your own website is easier now than ever. The tools continue to evolve in power and in their accessibility to the non-geek market.

There are a few ‘secret handshakes’ and tricky bits to getting started, but in four easy lessons, I can have you comfortably running a website of your own, on your own.

The classes are every Thursday in March from 2:00 to 4:00 pm in the Darby Library meeting room.

There are currently FOUR students excited about taking the class, but Darby Adult Education requires a minimum of SEVEN to make it go. These four future webmasters need company.

Student fees are $16 regular and $8 Senior.

Domain purchase online on the first day of class will total $94 for the domain, domain privacy, a year of hosting with unlimited space, unlimited e-mail addresses for your new domain and a high-quality Utah service center with 24/7 phone support (in clear English).

If Darby Adult Ed doesn’t get 3 more signups by March 3rd, they will cancel the class.

There are six active websites that I built much like the one I will help you build. See here:
Ted Dunlap . net
Ravalli Offroad .com

For more information about Darby Adult Education, call 821-3405
or email: Darby Adult Ed