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skuze me, I could use a hand up here

17yearcoolingtrend-cartoon I am really not keen on arguing whether the weather is warmer or cooler. Neither am I for destruction of nature, her air, her water, her soil. It is not simply a choice between believing in man-made-global-warming or wanting to destroy it all, in spite of the manipulators’ great efforts to paint it that way.

Intelligent people have been husbanding the Earth’s resources for centuries. That’s why agriculture has often been called “husbandry”.

Before the bankers took over, farmers cared for their land as their grandparents had: making sure it was healthy and would sustain their grandchildren. They didn’t even have to give husbandry of their resources a name. The few who were stupid enough to to it any other way weren’t around for long.

Ranchers, farmers and landowners were conservationists. Preservation of the world they inhabited came naturally to people who actually lived there.

Corporations were invented to remove personal responsibility. No longer can a man be punished for destructive behavior if he is protected by lawyers creating a corporate shell around him. With fiat currency stealing the wealth of the people, the money changers take the land away from the people OF THE LAND. The die is cast.

Global bankers rape nature in one place, cast her aside and move to the next one. Modern environmentalists give her a nice funeral, plant pretty daisies, then move their funeral procession on to the next victim.

I don’t disrespect their reverence for nature, but sure wish they would help me with the head of this beast for a few minutes.