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365 days of beans’n’rice

I’m told by our household nutritional expert that “beans and rice combine to make a complete amino acid”, which she says is all the food you need to survive on. She rather obviously doesn’t mean that as a whole truth, but I write in support of it as a foundation for keeping you and yours fed.

If you are paying attention (safe assumption, cuz you are here) you are rightfully concerned about having a store of food for the day your favorite food store doesn’t.

If you are not already well stocked, I recommend your first step to be looking in your pantry to see a year’s supply of beans and rice for all who live under your roof. I do mean dried beans rather than canned.

As a foundation, the two can be purchased today on nearly any food budget in 20 or 25 pound sacks. As soon as you can, put those into 5-gallon buckets, ideally with those wonderful spin-on lids. But a couple of bags under your bed could be so much better than discovering not a morsel of food in the house if good fortune fails to shine upon you one day.

You now have a foundation upon which to maintain your diet and build your pantry.

The cells in your body will scavenge other essential nutrients if they have even a slight chance. Add in a trace of other elements to comprise a minimal healthy diet. Thus seasoning, side dishes, substitutes and other foods complimenting and varying what you serve up from this foundation will work amazingly well.

A friend mentioned the mountain of Vitamin C she keeps on hand. “I do not want scurvy”. Hard to quibble with that one. When fruit becomes hard to come by, an ascorbic acid tablet every day or two could make a major difference… at an extremely low cost (today).

There are many other enhancements to the beans’n’rice diet that make as much sense. Pursue them as you can. Just make sure to have the foundation right away. Build on it as soon and as much as practical.

That same friend has a mountain of 1-gallon water jugs, too. Water is crucial.
3 days without water
3 weeks without food
Make sure your priorities and planning keep them in order.