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while we watch with our eyes tightly closed

Monsanto revolving door

Incredibly, some people claim to genuinely believe It’s okay.
They changed their allegiances.
They work for YOU and your well-being now.

I’m not going to list the litany of problems with GMO. Since you are here, I’ll figure you have a pretty good idea of the depth and breadth of their toxicity to the people and planet. The point I’m struck with, sticking with, is the revolving door connecting the ruling elite with the corporations poisoning our environment.

It is exactly the same in the military-industrial complex that has prevented peace for 100 years, the banking cartel that has driven our world economy off the edge of the cliff, the media that is restricted by the FCC and populates the FCC, and on and on. Both elected and appointed oaf-fishals are not just in bed with those they are supposedly watching, they ARE THEM.

But we nod our heads in front of the performances of the 6 media monsters and the puppet politicians. The stupor is fascinating, but horrifying. This will not end gently.