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This needs to be shared widely. With limits on my Internet quantity and to support the movie making/distributing effort, I’ll just buy the dvd.  You make that call for yourself, but one way or the other, at the very least watch the movie. – Ted

We placed MOLON LABE – How the Second Amendment Guarantees America’s Freedom up on YouTube for free about 62 days ago and you can still watch it at

Over those 62 days about 43,665 people have watched the movie and this number is growing by about 500 screenings per day. Word about the Second Amendment and the Militia of the Several States IS getting out.

There are about 90,000,000 gun owners in the U.S. so we only have to reach another 89,956,335 people — and at the rate we are going, this will only take us about 179,913 more days.

It’s cold out but this movie will make your blood boil when you see how certain anti-Constitutional forces have been trying to slowly move us away from the Founders’ original intent. Be advised, however, you probably will not be able to watch all 117 minutes of MOLON LABE in one sitting. Therefore we recommend you pick up a copy of the DVD at so you can watch it in higher quality and on your (large screen) TV set.

Of course the Mainstream Media (MSM) could care less about the U.S. Constitution and will never screen any of our films. Right there, this should be acid proof that the MSM is working for the globalists if they won’t mention or screen A FILM ABOUT THE U.S. CONSTITUTION! The Mainstream Media can truck out endless other documentary films (on trivial subjects) and their makers, but have they ever trucked out me or Edwin Vieira or most of the incredible experts we have in these films? Of course not — too much truth might escape into the air.

Unfortunately it’s still uncertain as to whether MOLON LABE will go viral. Frankly, not enough of you referred the movie to your email lists in the past month. It’s great to refer Constitutional movies like this to your friends who are in the Ron Paul Revolution, but unless you refer them to NEW people who are NOT (yet) in the movement — Independents, GOPers and even Dems (that are fed up with business-as-usual) — the Revolution will NOT expand.

When we put out FIAT EMPIRE almost no one knew about the Federal Reserve System’s anti-Constitutional antics. This film, Ron Paul’s presidential campaign and Aaron Russo’s film, FREEDOM TO FASCISM, brought the Fed issue into the mainstream (whether they liked it or not). Remember how surly and arrogant they were at first? Remember how rude and dismissive pundits like Sean Hannity and politicians like Ruddy Giuliani were with Ron Paul when he first emerged on the Establishment’s stage with the message of “End the Fed” and reign in the Empire’s foreign wars? Remember all this? We have come a long way folks. They don’t DARE treat Ron Paul, Independents or Libertarians like this any more. So back then it was actually the LEFT that made FIAT EMPIRE go viral, hit #1 on Google Video 3 times, win a Telly and get screened by 5 to 10 million people. Why do I say the LEFT? Because the Fed issue is one that they agree with because they view the Fed as a cartel of private corporations. The LEFT hates corporations but loves government, especially big government, so the idea that the state enabled the private corporations goes way above their heads.

So if the LEFT can make a video and issue go viral, shouldn’t the RIGHT be able to do that — make issues like the Militia go viral? Shouldn’t Libertarians, Ron Paul Conservatives and even Independents be able to make that happen? They should, and can. Sure, the LEFT is well-organized and very passionate about their (social) issues — AND they have the mainstream media and Hollywood behind them. This is one of the reasons they have been kicking the GOP’s butt and will probably command the next presidency. So, what am I really saying here? I am saying, those of us that are passionate about the Constitution and the issues covered in films like MOLON LABE — as well as Edwin Vieira’s books — really need to disseminate outside our circle of friends. It takes courage to forward emails to people that aren’t part of the “choir” or the Ron Paul Revolution. BUT if you don’t do it, you will never see the freedom movement expand and abductees of the other insane methods of governance will NEVER understand their options.

So here’s what you can do. Forward this email to your entire list of family, friends and associates every two or three days for at least the next week. Let them know that they can watch MOLON LABE for free at for a limited period of time and get the DVD.