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his lips are moving

Apparently the believers will be treated to wild yarns of an imagined past and incredible future, broadcast nation-wide by its television monopoly gang of six and delivered primarily by the Liar-In-Chief.

incredible – 1. so extraordinary as to seem impossible 2. hard to believe; unbelievable.

In case you find yourself in front of the mass-media-box around that time, you may want a post-game show that has a little more substance and credibility. For same-day coverage, I recommend the Libertarian Party’s website: Their track record is very good, and they have promised coverage of the event.

For an in-depth review from a guy who goes bare-knuckle and holds not punches, Gerald Celente is my favorite. His research and production team is an awesome source of the truth in the news. With a clear understanding of the actual rape and pillage going on coupled with a passionate abhorrence of the perpetrators, Gerald expresses my sentiments stronger than I can.

But it does have an annual subscription fee. Worth more than your cable TV, though, if you value truth in news… and at a much lower cost.