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I just tripped over a new campaign by Ron Paul. It is worthy and strikes at the root of a huge percentage of THE PROBLEM. I posted it here just a few minutes ago: Every Week Should Be School Choice Week

But as I sat, pumping my my arm, saying, HECK YEAH!, the little voice in my head was claiming my version of this solution as I articulated it in my 2006 election campaign was a bit better…. and Imagine if it had begun in Idaho 7 years ago – whew! What a difference it would have made.

Oh yeah, check out the televised debates from that campaign. While my head constantly screamed “RUN!” the body stayed and did quite a good job.



Statement of Ted Dunlap

Government growth, education and the economy are three big issues I’ll deal with as governor.

Politicians posture about property tax relief, but until government growth is contained, Idahoans pay more taxes one way or another. Republican AND Democrat governors have near perfect 100-year records doubling government every 10 years. I won’t just slow that growth, I will stop wasting taxpayer dollars on things government shouldn’t do in the first place. Government spending will decline under Governor Dunlap, for the first time in the history of Idaho.

Education is the 800-pound gorilla – now 47% of Idaho property tax bills, 61% of the state budget, plus federal tax money. Worse, according to public school leaders, they need more taxpayer money to get it right. Meanwhile, quality falls in comparison to past US and current international education. The more money we throw at it, the worse it gets.

It has become a political process. Politicians posture about peripheral issues when the free market would fix our education system immediately. The first bill I will sign as governor will grant $5,000 deductions for scholarships or tuition to any school – an instant savings from $7,800 per student we currently spend.

Right away educational opportunities open for Idaho families unsatisfied with public schools. Unique children have individual needs met with a variety of innovative alternatives.

Teachers also get choices. Rather than being restricted by mountains of regulations our educational code has become, private school teachers use their expertise, training and creativity to make sharing knowledge fun and exciting for themselves and their students.

When competition is allowed, public schools improve as they compete to keep families choosing them. Many cost-saving, quality enhancements innovated in private schools will be adopted by public schools.

Public education budgets will enjoy a surplus – replacing the ongoing demand for more tax dollars. Neighborhood schools, offering exactly what families want for each of their children, will replace the squabbling in Boise between lobbyists, union leaders and politicians regarding what’s taught in huge regional schools fed by fleets of school buses.

The economy, and government’s impact on it, are big issues facing the governor. We cannot afford the drain in hours and dollars caused by government bureaucracy. My economics, business management experience, and Libertarian principles will combine to make me the first governor in Idaho’s history to reverse growth and intrusion of government into the economic engine that provides the wealth of opportunities we deserve.

Though my ideas are fresh and new in the gubernatorial debate, they are as old as the United States of America. Please go to my website, to learn more about the best choice you can make for Governor of Idaho.

If you don’t work for Liberty, you don’t get it.