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Darby Dog Derby Day 1

As with all such things, SOMEBODY makes it happen.brandi-01brandi-5-dog-team Meet Brandi, a scientist, mom, wife, homemaker and sled dog enthusiast.

She wanted to practice and warm up for the racing season locally, looked around and found to her surprise, No races in the South Bitterroot. dogsled-2-dog-jr-01dogsled-8-dog-01 Brandi rolled up her sleeves. The Bitterroot Mushers have now made it happen for 7 years in a row.

I’ll probably point you to some other pictures someday, but these are a few snapshots Missy took that I liked. If you click on the thumbnails, dogsled-2-dog-jr-02dogsled-2-dog-jr-03 they blow up to a viewable size. That top left one is Brandi in the 6-dog-team race running with only 5 dogs.

Below it is a nice shot of an 8-dog-team, then three snapshots of the Pee-Wee racers. Two dogs are hooked up, a little kid set on the sled, then they take off. Great fun to watch … and huge thrills for the kids.

They are all running again tomorrow. I encourage you to take advantage of the show if you are anywhere nearby. They are on the East side of Highway 93 just north of milepost ZERO …. the border…. the Gibbons Pass cross country and snowmobile area.