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whack a mole

60 day silver Jan 17This is a picture of the paper fiat currency pushers keeping silver’s price down in spite of strong demand.

Well over 90% of the silver traded on the market is actually paper promises of silver rather than the metal itself. Those who would have you fully dependent on their alternative to real money, that is Federal Reserve Notes or other fiat currencies, keep fighting to keep silver from demonstrating its power as an honest alternative.

Every time a real transaction in physical silver forces the price up, the manipulators create a large paper-silver transaction to drag the price back down. The Comex (commercial exchange) where the price statistics are kept is thereby artificially low.

This game of Whack A Mole will not last. Grab what you can while your FRNs have some exchange value in silver. The chart above looks a lot to me like the last throes of a losing game.