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We really enjoy our evening news. It isn’t the crap that half the households in the USofA are fed by the mainstream media monopoly. It comes from much more accurate and honorable sources. It takes a bit of time to ferret them out, but well worth it.

I mean, do you want well presented lies or a slightly less splashy truth?

Striding the middle ground is The Keiser Report We always enjoy Max and Stacey – they honestly make us smile in spite of the oftentimes sick, grim news they are delivering. After all, the news isn’t always news to us, but their perspective is fresh, honest, clever and, the fun part, caustic.

Their January 9th report was a peach. We highly recommend it as an intro to The Keiser Report. In this issue they discuss the marijuana legalization mood that is overwhelming the prohibitionists. They touch on the political, cultural and economic ramifications and close with an MPP interview that is well worth watching. There is a bright side to the news every once in a while.

I can hardly leave this topic without mentioning my personal favorite, Gerald Celente. Okay, he’s “a Bronx street guy”, but that is part of his charm. You can’t bullshit a guy like this – and he calls them like he sees them. I see a lot of me in him, and LOVE IT.

He may take some getting used to for some, but his passion comes directly from the evil he sees the polished politicians (aka: lying losers) inflicting on the world. I share his passion. He expresses what I cannot … in language I would not use … but quite appropriate.

This is far and away the best news show on the air.