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Beach Boys medley

Missy recorded this last summer with her I-Pad from her lawn chair. She was just learning the new tool – but that fits well, because we were just learning the tune.

This is the Bitterroot Community Band in the Hamilton Band Shell playing a Beach Boys medley. Recorded by Missy’s I-Pad here in three parts (with several parts missing). Certainly a good enough recording to get the drift.

Also known to some insiders as the Bitterroot Summer Sight Reading Program – we get a complete set of new charts at our Tuesday evening practice, then see them a second time at our Thursday concert. It is stimulating and fun .. if not exactly polished in performance.

This is my first experience with the video sharing website “Vimeo”. It is an alternative to U-Tube that my daughter the video expert says is much better in quality. I have yet to learn how to work it well. There are two ways to view the videos: 1-click the picture and watch the embedded video here or click the link below and go to Vimeo to watch it.

Part 1:

Beach Boys medley part 1 from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo.

link to part 1 at vimeo:

Part 2:

Beach Boys medley part 2 from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo.

link to part 2 at vimeo:

The End:

Beach Boys medley the end from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo.

link to The End at vimeo:

Missy did, by the way, record quite a few video ‘snapshots’ of our Summer 2013 concert season. I may figure out how to put several of them up at my Vimeo account, and perhaps here too. Stay Tuned.