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speaking for radio communications

ice storm on cell tower This story just unfolded in the recent winter storm. One look at this antenna tower explains why there were no phones for four days. A relatively few people are prepared for that, no matter what the cause.

This is the point of emergency radio – and why many of us are getting our ham licenses, buying radio gear and learning to use it. The story below is simply one example. – Ted

We had the ice storm !!!

The cell towers around me were out of service. I do not have a landline phone so I was out of phone service for 4 days.

I was using my ham gear for communication.
Used my Icom IC-746 on 2m FM most of the time.

The strange thing, we are as ham radio operators cannot reach any official groups any more. The EMO’s ham shack had been removed from the 911 operation center.

No police station or fire station operating any amateur radios.
Looks like we have to look out for each other.

I was operating on 146.460 MHz simplex. I was surprised how many amateur radio operators was confused.
In Toronto and area we don’t have a common frequency to operate with each other.
Some people used the TWR machine until it craped out.

Dear ham radio operators DON’T BE SCARED TO USE SIMPLEX in case of an emergency. You can’t count on the repeaters when the power is out.

I was running nets on 146.460 MHz on the top of the hour.
1Pm 2Pm 3Pm and so on.
The reason to do the nets on the top of the hour to let people with hand held radios call in, to check out the situation than turn off the radio to conserve the power in the batteries.
The most problem was the HT’s were out of power. No way to recharge the batteries.

1, I would like to promote to use 146.460 MHz
2, Call in to the net or monitor just for 5 minutes at the top of the hour.

I think it is not a big deal.
You can save people’s life in your area.

If you need help than we know when to turn on the radio and what frequency to monitor.

Please just use common sense !!!

Thanks : ARPAD (VA3VAD)