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Here is another accumulation of too-good-to-let-pass backlog of news and resources. As with previous ones, click on the links to read more and find further links from there.

Montana Publishing

Missoula, Montana

Gun Laws of Montana, by Gary Marbut

A trade paperback, 2013 Edition, Fourth Printing, updated, now in stock.

All current Montana gun laws in one place, explained in plain language.


Man with Stage 3 Colon Cancer Cures Himself

Chris Wark shares his short and powerful story of how he refused chemotherapy and survived stage 3 colon cancer. Chris was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in 2003, at only 26 years of age.

Against his doctor’s advice, he refused chemotherapy as a treatment and went on to clear any remaining cancer from his body by strengthening his immune system with raw plant foods and natural therapies. “If you don’t do chemotherapy you’re insane.” -Chris Wark’s doctor


solar powered tools

It feels really rewarding to build something off-grid in a remote area with the convenience of labor-saving power tools without having to deal with a noisy generator. It’s also nice to have a portable solar-charging system instead of having to keep your truck running while using a DC to AC inverter to power your tools and tool chargers. When not needed to recharge power tools at a job site, this portable solar-charging system can be used for camping or during emergency power outages. This solar module with built-in solar charge controller can even be used to recharge your RV camper batteries when dry camping.


Israel, Saudi Arabia cooperating

on possible attack on Iran

The Mossad is currently working with Saudi Arabian officials on contingency plans for a possible attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, the Sunday Times reported.

According to the paper, both Israel and the Saudi kingdom are skeptical of the nuclear talks between Iran and world powers and are working together on a possible attack plan should such an agreement actualize but fail to stop the Islamic republic from continuing its nuclear project


Charleston almost nuked

Three individuals have just saved 300 million lives in the past 2 weeks. They saved the 90% of the population that would be dead if Bathhouse Barry had not been stopped from using 3 nuclear devices against the American populace. 2 Army Generals and 1 Navy Admiral, whose duties included the safeguarding and oversight of the nuclear arsenal.

Obama ordered that 3 nukes be transported in a major breach of protocol and safety regulations of long standing. He wanted it NOW, and these officers were made aware of what the intention was.

The admiral had the one Navy nuke taken 200 miles off South Carolina and detonated deep in the ocean. The other 2 nukes disappeared thanks to the handiwork of the 2 Generals, the numbers 1 and 2 men in charge of the Army ordinance. These three men are heroes of the highest order.


NSA vulnerable

In a bold move, one think tank is going above the rhetoric and mobilizing a nation to fight back against the NSA. The power of many is derived from the power of one, and Michael Boldin, Executive Director of the Tenth Amendment Center, is one titan the government has pushed too far.


Drone strike kills 15 ‘wedding party-goers’

Fifteen people who had been heading to a wedding in Yemen have been killed in an air strike. Local media reported that a drone attack had been responsible, and the party-goers had been hit instead of an Al-Qaeda convoy.

“An air strike missed its target and hit a wedding car convoy, ten people were killed immediately and another five who were injured died after being admitted to the hospital,” a Yemeni security official told Reuters.

Five more people were injured in the attack which took place in Radda, central al-Bayda province on Thursday, the source added.

The group had been en route to the the village of Qaifa, the site of the wedding, when it was hit. The assault left charred bodies strewn in the road and vehicles on fire, officials told AP.


Measuring The Extent Of A Police State

Friday, 22 November 2013 02:27 Wendy McElroy

I believe America’s political institutions are beyond redemption. The hope for America lies with individuals who live freedom rather than talk about it or pursue it through authorized means. Freedom now rests with individuals who say “no,” in combination or alone.

But the issue of where America falls on the spectrum between “free” and “totalitarian” is important to air for at least two reasons. First, there is a key difference between America and most police states. In East Germany, the average person knew he lived under tyranny and he did not expect justice to result from petitioning the tyrant. In America, many if not most people still trust the government enough to believe in reform rather than in the quiet revolution of saying “no.” They still listen to the mainstream media, no matter how bitterly they complain about it. Nothing else can explain why people surrender their liberty and money in return for broken and retreaded promises.

Secondly, even if America is a police state, it’s not intuitively obvious how far the process has progressed. North Korea and the United States exist at different points on a sliding scale of totalitarianism, and merely pointing to rights violations by the U.S. proves little. All states violate rights. When does one become totalitarian?


Snowden and Snooping

Remarks at the MIT Center for International Studies

Ambassador Chas W. Freeman, Jr. (USFS Ret.)

Cambridge, Massachusetts – 12 December 2013

We live in what the National Security Agency [NSA] has called “the golden age of SIGINT [signals intelligence].” We might have guessed this. We now know it for a fact because of a spectacular act of civil disobedience by Edward Snowden. His is perhaps the most consequential such act for both our domestic liberties and our foreign relations in the more than two century-long history of our republic.


inside the spy culture .. icky

US Spy Agencies Satanic Cult evidence undeniable

December 17, 2013. Vandenberg AFB. The Obama Administration’s latest spy mission has caused ripples throughout the world and it’s not because of the recent exposure of US spying on its allies and its own citizens again. This time, the logo chosen by NASA and the Office of National Intelligence for the NROL 39 spy mission is an angry octopus strangling the Earth. But that’s nothing compared to the rest of the mission logos.


ObamaCare Found To Restrict

Where You Live And Travel

Freedom: It’s bad enough that the president’s health insurance takeover costs more, breaks his pledge of letting you keep your plan and diminishes choice. It actually restricts your travels too.

‘We have never had to put a wall up to keep our people in.” Those words from President John F. Kennedy in June 1963, standing at the Berlin Wall, neatly illustrated the moral superiority of the free West over the Soviet bloc.

But Americans are now about to find themselves grappling with their own bureaucratic Berlin Wall. The American Thinker’s Stella Paul has exposed the virtually unnoticed fact that within the ObamaCare exchanges so many Americans are being forced into, “most plans only provide local medical coverage.”

Paul warns this will have “a profound impact on the real-estate market, particularly the second home sector, and on the travel business.” She interviewed one Connecticut retiree whose health required having a winter home in South Carolina. Her $450-per-month, $2,500 deductible, no co-pay Blue Cross policy that had worked well in both states was suddenly canceled.

The new policy she was offered under ObamaCare was twice as expensive, with a deductible costing $1,000 more, and no out-of-network coverage.