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Shit Obama Says Compilation

truth is rare, yet the masses don’t care …???


President Obama Promising That You Can Keep Your Health-Care Plan, Again and Again. The latest Obamacare controversy: Despite assuring the American people that their current plans would be safe under Obamacare, millions of individuals are now facing the cancellation of their plans. Now, it’s true that these plans are not being directly altered by Obamacare — they lost their “grandfathered in” status when certain changes were made, and then, having lost that status, no longer met the minimum qualifications required by Obamacare. It’s true that many of these plans were shitty and would have left many people uncovered in the case of catastrophic injury. It’s true that many of the people now losing their old plans can find much better new plans in the Obamacare online exchange (when it’s working). And it’s true that nothing happening is a surprise — it’s been common knowledge for years that some plans would be canceled thanks to Obamacare.
Nevertheless: Obama did knowingly make an overly simplistic guarantee to the American people that Obamacare wouldn’t affect their current plans. And as this video compilation shows, he made this guarantee over and over again.

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