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Great news source

Missy and I truly enjoy The Keiser Report with Stacey and Max. I sincerely believe that if they were available at 6:00pm on USofA televisions, the big networks would have almost no viewers at all. But you have to go out of your way to see them. You have to find their show. Someone has to point you to it.

I am that someone.

Sadly, my credibility is not quite that of CBS. Double-sadly, theirs (CBS) is nothing at all … with mine being less (aaugh). Yet they lie all the time. I don’t. Life isn’t fair, Ted. Get over it.

That venting past, now I ask you to look at this one video. I think it is one of their best – that is, as far as an introduction to a news source that might serve you well, but you haven’t seen before now.

This show of theirs is particularly valuable to those less than 60 years old. I’ll stop now. Please give it a looksee. At least for a few minutes. I promise, the whole show is worth watching.