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budget slashing

The posturing poobahs slash social programs and veterans benefits saving 0.25% of the budget but continue their binge spending on the military industrial complex spreading wanton death and destruction to communities on the other side of the globe.

Just look at that – they won’t touch military spending or stop sending money to dictators around the world, but are whittling on the little Veterans Benefits and Community slices of the pie.

us budget pie

“Oh, we have to cut spending”.

And we are supposed to believe the crap outta their mouths.

This is not making us safer. This is not making any of those countries they are bombing safer – or more free. It is, however, installing puppet dictators of their choosing and putting their corporate friends in charge of the countries’ resources. Instead of buying oil from, say and Iraqi, we are buying from a Brit who owns the right to Iraqi resources thanks to American guns and bombs.

Your taxpayer dollars at work… terrorizing the world.

military spending -bar graph



and if you think it

is offensive to us

Imagine the feelings

of the recipients of

our military spending.


Is it not reasonable

to ask, “Why, of

the hundreds of
military spending - world
countries in the world

does ONE have to spend

So much on DEFENSE?


What makes it such

A dangerous place?


What are its people

so afraid of that they

will spend over half

of their national budget

militarily – and most of

that in foreign lands?