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From time to time the pile of great news stories that I haven’t shared grows mean-looking. My methods of dealing with that continues to evolve. Here’s a new one. Rather than just pile them one on top of another cluttering up my website, I’ll consolidate them into one page of excerpts.

Now you can pick and choose below which ones you want to know more about, yet the front page of my website doesn’t bury all my recent posts.


There is a lot of information, misinformation and hearty interest in Bitcoin. I am not in any position to enter that currency marketplace, so I haven’t looked very deep. Many people and organizations I respect a lot have. Many conclude that it is a serious contender for a good place to store your assets and a great one for exchanging value.

Here is one such look from a respected source:
Bitcoin: Segway, Cigarette, or Gold Doubloon?
by Doug French


In an excellent position for bringing reason to bear on the instantaneous, catastrophic failure of World Trade Center Building 7 are the Architects and Engineers for 911 truth. They do an excellent job of analysis, documentation and sharing their information. They continually tour the world making presentations to highly appreciative audiences.

They dissect the official story put out by the NST and openly ask for anyone to show evidence that AE911Truth is missing something. Of course nothing comes back finding any holes in their evidence. Here’s a piece of it for you to see:
Deconstructing the NIST WTC 7 Building Report


Information overload keeps us from researching and comprehending things that may well be very important. Fracking is one of those things for most of us. However, some folks in the USofA, Bulgaria and elsewhere are hugely concerned. They are mobbing, protesting en-masse and dedicating a great deal of themselves to fighting against the frackers.


More importantly, why aren’t we hearing anything about it?

The answer to that second question is here:
In an attempt to buy support for fracking in the US, America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) has paid millions of dollars to politicians, news outlets and even environmental groups. In 2012 alone, it paid $165,000 to the Texas Tribune, $100,000 to Bloomberg Businessweek, $50,000 to the National Journal, $25,000 to the Environmental Media Assoc., and $30,000 to the Texas League of Conservation Voters. Since 2007, ANGA has given $920,000 to President Obama and one energy corporation alone gave a staggering $27 million to the Sierra Club.

Democrats and Media caught on fracking Payroll


Laissez Faire publications is a great source of books and news. Being on their mailing list brings good articles my way on a regular basis (along with advertising for some probably fine services that I am not in need of).

This article on what your federal government publishes right there in front of you is a good one. The Federal Register is a beautiful (uh, ugly???) example of hidden in plain sight. Your government publishes ONE TRUTH while their spokesmen tell you the opposite.

Sneaking a Peak in Uncle Sam’s Diary

excerpt from the article:
For example, The architects of the ACA were well aware the law would drastically change the individual insurance market. They estimated a large portion of customers would lose their plans forcing you to seek coverage through the exchanges. By now this is old news.

But did you know similar estimates were available for employer-provided insurance plans?

From the very beginning, the White House expected that the majority of people with insurance through the individual market would lose their coverage.

And in a related article, the actual results of “the affordable health care act”… whereby the claimed goal of providing health care insurance for the 20% who weren’t already covered has become the destruction of 80% of the health care coverage that existed along with thousands of full time jobs.

Employers to Cancel Plans for Millions, Shift Costs to Workers


Here is a nice example of the publications from the Future Freedom Foundation where the author explores what government is – the foundation of rule and rulers. The opening gives you clues as to where it heads.

Last spring Barack Obama told the graduating class of Ohio State University,

Unfortunately, you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s at the root of all our problems.… They’ll warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices. Because what they suggest is that our brave and creative and unique experiment in self-rule is somehow just a sham with which we can’t be trusted.

As he said this, four scandals — the Benghazi blunder and obfuscation, IRS political profiling, secret investigations of reporters, and NSA spying — were about to explode in public.

Government Is the Problem


Here is a great video 7:24 long. It is a U-Tube that they call a “virtual state of the union” speech. It blends footage of the actual USofA State of the Union audience with a speaker telling it like it should be told.

To see what a Great President would look and sound like on the topic of gun control, check this one out:

In my experience, these embedded links to U-Tube videos have a habit of disappearing. Get it while it is fresh. If it doesn’t come up, I may notice and be able to fix it, but you can always go to U-Tube and search for “virtual state of the union” and / or “gun control” and find it or something like it.


The Second Amendment Foundation is launching a nationwide
television advertising effort, calling attention to
Guns Save Lives Day

on Dec. 15, in conjunction with Bill of Rights Day.

SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb announced the campaign, noting that the organization has bought “hundreds of thousands of dollars of air time” on Fox News, DISH TV, and Glenn Beck’s Blaze Network. He has also purchased air time on national conservative radio talk shows, SiriusXM satellite radio and major radio stations.

“Our message points out that guns do save lives,” Gottlieb said, “and that it is not in the interest of public safety to create so-called gun-free zones’ where people are defenseless against violent criminal attack.”