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job market

This is a major hot topic right now with oafficial statistics admitting it looks bad at 7%-14% unemployed while the real numbers are closer to 25%. Much is written, spoken and statisized on this topic. Here I boil it down to its essence.

An employer is a person who believes they can hire someone, cover all their costs of employment and still make some money for doing so. The possibility of increasing their profit from working without that employee is the prime motive for the hiring and training process, while the really good ones are ALSO inspired by the additional services they can provide.

An employee is that person who finds the job offer superior to the job they have or no job at all. Their prime motive is income from the employer enabling the acquisition of food, lodging, clothing and high definition TVs. 😉 🙁 The lucky ones also enjoy the work.

Government is an entity that makes employing more expensive and difficult, adding technical and financial barriers to hiring employees while taking money from every payment the employer makes to the employee both before they write out the check and after. Employees see half the extraction documented in their pay stubs, but the other half reduces their paycheck just the same as if it came out of their pockets.

Government: The epoxy greasing the wheels of progress

A politician is that person who sets up this three-way disaster while explaining with a straight face how it is better for the employer, employee and the whole wide world in general.

Unemployed are those people who would like very much to earn some money, but have been unable to convince an employer they would actually help the company’s bottom line – be worth more to the employer than they would cost to employ.

Oaffishially unemployed are that subset of the above who manage to fit the ever increasingly-narrow definition the politicians want counted in unemployment statistics. Things don’t look so bad if 2/3rds of the unemployed aren’t actually, oaffishially unemployed.

Minimum wage is another barrier between the unemployed and employment; the potential employer and an employee who might be worth more than they cost. In some fantasy worlds, this is a number that people get paid regardless of the economics of employing them. Obviously nobody stays in business paying employees more than they bring in to the company employing them. Equally obvious, nobody leaves for higher pay when they are bringing in strong profits for their current employer – pay increases are usually the eagerly offered alternative to losing a good employee.

horseshitTo the left is that Steaming pile of hyper-wealthy, ruling elite skimming and scamming lavish lifestyles while pretending to have concerns for the welfare of the lower-class 99%.

They actually have a good reason for feeling they are superior beings well deserving of their extraordinary wealth and power:

They aren’t hanging from lampposts by their necks

… A fate they know full well they not only richly deserve, but that any group of even modest intelligence would have done to them long ago.