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food fight

If it seems like the hits keep on coming faster and more furious, it is cuz they are.

There is a revolving door between FrankenFood giant Monsanto and the Washington Detention Center for the criminally insane. The current head of the FDA is an ex-VP of Monsanto. The two entities have a well-worn path between them.

Increasingly, entire countries in Europe, Asia and South America are banning and destroying ALL Monsanto GMO Frankenfood. Evidence is stacking up that these are POISON. But the air, water and morality are all polluted in the Potomac marshlands, so they fight to protect and increase Monsanto’s market share.

This really is chemical warfare with the two of them against us.

In both California and Oregon, they along with BIG MONEY fought against the people who merely wanted labels on the food to enable intelligent decision making. Do I want non-GMO? Do I care? Does it matter? In a free country, honest labeling would be welcomed.

I am not convinced the people actually lost the vote in those places. The polls HEAVILY FAVORED those seeking GMO labeling. But, for sure, the people lost the official vote count.

As Stalin said, I don’t care who gets to vote. Who counts the vote is all that matters.

Now Montanto’s Washington DC Branch is working to put small farms, local growers and non-Frankenfood producers out of business. They are asking for your opinion, though the website for collecting it was written by moonlighting Obamacare programmers. Good luck getting your vote there counted correctly.

Talking with “your representatives” is probably several steps better.

Visiting the Tenth Amendment Center might be better still.

By the way, I am quite disgusted with their absolutely sick of their sense of humor:









George Orwell told us all about this in 1948.
In the book it was called “Newspeak”
Words and titles meant their opposites.
Read the book: 1984
They are using it like a guidebook; a how-to guide.
Police State For Dummies

. . . . . . Now on to the news . . . . . .


More time to comment on food safety rules

for small farms, ranches

The public review period for new rules governing food safety on small farms and ranches has been extended to Nov. 22 after many commenters reported they couldn’t get through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s website.

“(W)e are concerned about the intermittent technical difficulties that have occurred in November with the website, which have prevented some people from submitting comments. We know that these difficulties are inconvenient and very frustrating,” a statement on the FDA website said on Friday.

“For that reason, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to comment, FDA is providing seven additional days for comments on both the proposed rule on produce safety and preventive controls for human food.”

The proposed regulations require water quality testing that would be difficult to apply in the ditch-irrigation systems many Montana farms use. It would also complicate food cooperative businesses’ ability to market the produce from small farms.

Local farmers market producers and other Montana growers have argued the regulations could put them under the same scrutiny as big corporate farms, and drive many of them out of business in the process.

Sen. Jon Tester raised similar objections when Congress passed legislation enabling the rule change, and added an amendment to exempt small producers.

“Small growers and producers selling straight to local consumers don’t require the same regulations that large producers do, and Congress passed a law making that clear,” Tester said in an email. “The agency needs to change course before they hurt the livelihoods and jobs of Montana’s family farmers and producers.”

In 2007, less than 4 percent of Montana farms had sales higher than $500,000, according to Tester’s office.

The website for submitting comments on the food safety regulations is here: .