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Syrian non-war

It is sure a good thing that Congress finally stood up and did their job, directing a runaway executive branch to not go to war in Syria.

CIA starts arming Syrian rebels overtly

Greece intercepts mystery ship with 20,000 Kalashnikovs onboard
The intended destination of the vessel, halted near the Imia islets in the eastern Aegean, remains unknown.

India arrests US ship for ‘illegal transportation of weapons’

Turkish patrol seizes over a ton of chemicals from smugglers at Syria border

Rebels conduct new chemical weapons attack in Syria near Turkish border

Well, okay, not exactly what we kinda thought congress was supposed to do like we asked them. But there is some good news in there anyway.

While thousands of men, women, children are dying in the “valiant fight against Al Queda” in Iraq, Afghanistan, and thereabouts, at least the current administration is making darn sure that none of the rebels they are giving small arms, large arms, intelligence, training and chemical weapons to will claim to be part of Al Queda.

This is a real darn important distinction. Though the strongest enemy of the legitimate political leaders in Syria is Al Queda, we sure don’t want our government helping those really bad guys, do we?

So the litmus test, as the CIA drives up with the latest truckload of war machines for Syrian takeover:

Are you Al Queda?


Okay. It’s all yours. Have a nice day. 🙂