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Pardon me while I celebrate.

This almost never happens to me.

I’m in the majority.

I voted and, in an extremely rare occurrence, shared the same opinion as 60% of the others voting. Finally a community I fit in.

Where is it?

What is it? One of my more reliable news sources.

You might want to check it out yourself from time to time. They get world and domestic USofA news right more often than a lot of names more familiar to us here in north America.

If I was to guess where the majority of Americans would land in this, I would say solidly in the smallest minority or split between the two smallest. Perhaps RT would have to offer a fifth choice to catch the mainstream USofA thought:

5. HUH????

On to their poll…

RT asks

Given the stream of NSA spy revelations since June,

what impact will further leaks have?

14% – Nothing at all – people are getting used to all the exposés and there are no surprises left

22% – A rise in social resistance to NSA practices, such as the recent ‘Stop Watching Us’ march in Washington

4% – Sincere discussion of surveillance practices will take place, and steps will be taken to ensure privacy is prioritized

60% – Politicians will make more noises about respecting privacy, but do nothing to reign in government spies