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Rash of Rectal Rummagings in New Mexico

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In New Mexico, you could end up having a colonoscopy over a traffic offense

In New Mexico, you could end up having a colonoscopy over a traffic offense


If you just crossed the Rio Grande into New Mexico, you might want to hop on back; lest you be ‘caught with your pants down’ around New Mexico’s finest.

Yesterday, I published a serious story, given with tongue-in-cheek delivery, about David Eckert; a New Mexico man who had a run in with some anal retentive police officers. Today, we find out that it was just the tip….. of the iceberg.

Like Eckert, Timothy Young was also stopped by police officers after a piddling traffic infraction. THE SAME K-9 drug dog, Leo, was called in. He sniffed the seat, and informed the officers that there were drugs on his seat. I bet you can guess what happened next.

Once the warrant was obtained, the officers grinned at each other, as banjo music softly twanged over their squad car stereo.

Young, like Eckert, was taken to Gila Regional Medical Center where a team of physicians were waiting with bated breath.

Once again, the pleas of mercy fell on deaf ears; and once again, the hunt for treasure yielded no results. Mr. Young was sent home with a costly bill and a jar of petroleum jelly.

Now, at this point, you might be thinking that these police officers are either ex-high school gym teachers or they have a group of friends that also consist of a construction worker, a cowboy, a biker and a big gay Indian.  I’m sorry, I meant to say ‘Native American.’

Well, it turns out that our friend Leo the K-9 drug sniffing dog had his drug sniffing license expire in 2011, and it was not re-certified. In New Mexico, this certification is to be renewed every year.

“We have done public records requests to try and find anything,” Shannon Kennedy, Eckert’s attorney, informed KOB. “We can’t show that this dog had ever been trained, and we have evidence this dog has had false alerts in the past.” Calls to Leo’s dog house were not immediately returned.

So, like an errant fart; the civil rights violations that were inflicted on these two gentlemen will be blamed on the dog.

It is not yet clear whether Young will file charges (but he SHOULD). It has been revealed, however, that Eckert will not only be filing charges against Hildago County, the police officers, and the deputy district attorney, but he is going to be filing charges against Gila Regional Medical Center, including Robert Wilcox M.D. and Okay Odocha M.D.

While nobody else has yet to come forward and admit they were violated by these lawmen and physicians, I implore them to do so.

Please understand, that I wrote this piece not to make fun of the plight that Eckert and Young were subjected to. I wrote it so that maybe, if it is funny enough, more people will read it and understand that these are just two instances of our civil liberties being eroded away.

Every day, all across this great nation, people in government abuse the power the people have given them. Whether it be local, state, or federal government; the power corrupts. They need to realize that it is WE THE PEOPLE who allow them to wield such authority, and it is WE THE PEOPLE who can take it right the hell back.

They need to know that if they want to keep their swanky offices and privileged lifestyles, they need to stop working for themselves and start working for us.

As Andrew Breitbart used to say, he has only two modes: “jocularity and righteous indignation.” Well I am taking off my nice guy hat for now and putting on my battle helmet. You would all be served well to do the same.