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The Next Terrorist Attack – What The Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You

Friday, 09 August 2013 15:13

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Another very well put together video by which covers the Hegelian Dialectic used by governments in the form of false flag terrorist attacks.  Over the course of the past century, America has been manipulated into numerous wars with enemies funded and armed by our own government (or corporations claiming to be loyal to the U.S.).  Today, the “war” is no longer against any discernible opponent.  There is no other nation or army to fight.  Rather, the war is against the phantom of terrorism, and according to the establishment, anyone, anywhere, can be a terrorist.  This kind of labeling seems incredibly broad, but our government has shown through new profiling parameters that they have some very specific people in mind; namely, anyone who speaks out against the criminality of the state.  Who has the IRS been targeting?  Who has the SPLC been targeting?  Who has the DHS been targeting through fusion center documents?  Traditionally conservative Americans and Constitutionalists!  I have no doubt that once the false flags attributed to Al Qaeda subside, there will be just as many false flags blamed on the Liberty Movement.  As the video below points out, they still use this strategy today because it still works…

Brandon Smith, Founder Of