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cancel my cancellation

guns & ammo apologyThe response was quick and correct (see: cancellation for the background).

Guns & Ammo made a major mistake, acknowledged it, openly apologized, cured the cancer and THAT FAST returned to the good side. Click on the image to the right to blow up their letter into readable size.

My e-mail to them tonight:

The Guns & Ammo editor has clearly apologized and correctly responded to the offense.

I am pleased with his response.
I wish to continue receiving Guns & Ammo magazine.
Could you please cancel my cancellation?

Thank you

Ted Dunlap

My cancellation by itself was near meaningless. But there obviously were hundreds, perhaps thousands of us. Guns & Ammo magazine and staff were on the verge of GONE and saw the abyss quite clearly.

THAT is why we must act on principle EVERY TIME. When you accept the unacceptable, it becomes the norm. The next incremental step to slavery is right behind it.

Principles matter

Honor matters

Integrity matters

If you don’t stand for something

you’ll fall for anything”

Alexander Hamilton

If I lost a few bucks on the subscription / unsubscribe / re-subscribe transaction, it was a small loss – compared to acceptance of gun control as a norm.