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more war instigation

Once again USofA warplanes bomb Syria.

Once again those intent on widespread full scale war in the Mideast make major offensive moves.

And again, the people of the USofA sit and take it without a whimper.

How do these psychopaths pull it off?

Middle East MapFor one, the made in USofA planes and bombs took off from Israel. Secondly, they are painted in Israeli military colors. Third, their pilots, though trained in US Air Force bases, are all Israelis. Look at that map. You will have to click on it to get a blow up where you can even find the place.

It is not some miracle country. The people there are not a super race. They are the proxy army of the Bilderberg group. The country was created by Rothschild to protect his Mediterranean oil interests. (see Banking History 1896) If you question that family’s ability to do so, guess who was the agent through which war materials were sold to Britain and France during WWI (see Banking History 1914) AND loaned money to the Germans, British and French with not only high interest rates attached, but powerful strings as well.

Israel’s USofA foreign aid bill above board has run non-inflation-adjusted 113 Billion Dollars. Another $30 Billion arms aid package to Israel just passed. Other leading “allies” (also at the meetings) like Canada send proportionate amounts to Israel too. Under the table, secret ops, special ops, military advisors, Top Secret and other crucial intelligence… you betcha. And a whole lot more: see Congressional Research Report here.

For comparison, the entire Syrian gross domestic product is $22 billion. That’s everything 19 million Syrians live on, not just military expenditures. But the mad bombers will have this country destroyed too.

And once again the lamestream media says nothing.

There is no bigger news today.

Incompetence or criminal neglect with the public trust of the broadcast spectrum given to them by the Federal Communications Commission of the USofA?

Lemmesee …. With the help of the media, candidates for high office are given lots of favorable publicity or demonized – and thus chosen for high office. The chosen ones staff the FCC … with who? Favoring whom? Competition for broadcast time is now down to six CEOs all of whom go to the secretive Bilderberg Group meetings along with top politicians and bankers.

Ah, but don’t worry, those news guys would be part of any self-serving grand plays. They really just LOVE producing honest, insightful news and top quality entertainment.

… and on to today’s news …

Israeli Warplanes Strike Inside Syria

for Fifth Time This Year

Oct. 31, 2013
By and

Luis Martinez More from Luis »
Josh Margolin More from Josh »
Senior Investigative Reporter
PHOTO: An Israeli F-16 I fighter jet takes off during a display for foreign media at the Ramon air force base in the Negev Desert, southern Israel, on October 21, 2013.

Israeli warplanes conducted an airstrike early today on a Syrian military facility near the northern Syrian port city of Latakia along the Mediterranean coast, a U.S. official confirms to ABC News.

The attack is believed to be the fifth airstrike conducted by Israel inside Syria this year. Like the earlier airstrikes, the official said the latest attack presumably targeted advanced Russian missile weapons systems headed to the extremist group Hezbollah based in Lebanon.

An Israeli source also confirmed the attack to ABC News which like the four previous attacks this year has not been acknowledged by the Israeli government.

The air strike was first reported in Israeli newspapers which cited explosions at a missile storage facility near Latakia. The accounts differed as to what types of air defense missile systems may have been targeted by Israeli warplanes.

U.S. official say that the Israeli warplanes conducting the airstrikes usually launch missiles at targets inside Syria from inside Lebanese airspace so they are not exposed to Syria’s advanced air defense systems.

The official Lebanese news agency reported that Israeli planes were spotted flying for several hours over various parts of Lebanon. A Lebanese Army press release said “the enemy planes circled above the various Lebanese regions” before leaving Lebanese airspace.

The most recent Israeli airstrike inside Syria took place on July 5 and also occurred near Latakia, targeting a warehouse that was believed to house advanced Yakhont long-range anti-ship missiles.

The three earlier Israeli air strikes inside Syria all targeted Russian weapons systems that Syria was believed to be funneling to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Syria has been a long-time arms provider to the militant Lebanese organization.

The first strike near Damascus in late January targeted a convoy carrying anti-aircraft missiles that may have been on the move to Hezbollah.

In early May, Israel conducted two separate airstrikes, also near Damascus, that a U.S. official told ABC News targeted as many as a dozen medium range Fateh-110 missiles intended for Hezbollah