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beans, bullets, bullion and bombs

Let me outline for you how close to The Verge we are.
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Israel, the Bilderbergs barely-contained rabid dog in Arabia, is attacking Syria with fighter-jet strikes blowing up Russian-supplied missle installations. Get this way the Israeli news calls it: After sources in the Obama administration said Israel was responsible for Wednesday’s attack on a Syrian missile base, an Israeli analyst warned that the US risks starting ‘a very major flare-up.’

Israel doesn’t do anything with their cache of USofA supplied planes, guns, bombs and and billions of “foreign aid” dollar-supported military/industrial complex without USofA big brother standing behind as backup in case the victim fights back. So blowing up key defense systems is an approved strategy.

What Israel is complaining about is that the USofA is publicizing the attacks; making retalitation, the actual bullets flying in the other direction, more likely. “Hey, I thought we agreed to do this on the QT”.

This means WAR – – – –

varyag.sThe flagship of Russia’s Pacific Fleet, Varyag, and the country’s most powerful nuclear-powered battleship, Pyotr Veliky, entered the Mediterranean Sea on Saturday.

The crew of ‘aircraft carrier killer’ Varyag will carry out a number of tasks, some of which will be performed together with the joint group of Russian Navy ships and vessels stationed in the region.

The firepower in the Mediterranean Sea continues to grow. The Russian and Chinese navies have HUGE presence. The World’s Superpower has worn out its welcome. The other major powers are beginning to think “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Who can blame them?

This means WAR – – – –

The oppressed grow stronger: Russian and Japan held their first-ever joint conference between defense and foreign ministers on Saturday. They discussed international security and bilateral relations, as well as plans to hold joint navy exercises..

The Pakistani government has accused the US of “scuttling” efforts towards peace talks
with the Taliban after their militant leader was killed in a “counter-productive” drone strike on Friday.

What sane man would do that? Ah, you assume you know what the objective is. Trust me, PEACE is not it. These people, the mad bombers that is, are arming the Taliban and all other rebel groups fighting in certain Arabian countries while they attack the Taliban in others. Here again, check your premises if this seems stupid or insane.

This means WAR – – – –

6,000 NATO troops hold one of largest post-Cold War drills near Russia’s borders

Russian military stages biggest war games since Soviet times

In addition to Syria’s key geographical position in the hugely significant natural gas pipelines, it also turns out to be pivotal in both the Chinese and Russian access to the seas in winter time. This is HUGELY important to those nations as well as those who would try to weaken them.

China to hold its ‘biggest-ever’ foreign navy drills with RussiaChinese navy A Chinese fleet of seven vessels is on its way to Vladivostok to participate in its biggest-ever foreign joint exercise with Russia

Syrian conflict: Persian Gulf officials, tired of waiting for U.S., move to boost aid to rebels
Widely known that the USofA is supplying small arms, large weapons, money, information and military advisors (you remember those guys, don’t you?) to “the rebels” in Syria. The USofA rulers are also transferring money from our economy through Egypt to “the rebels” aka the Taliban.

This means WAR – – – –

The news articles, videos and information just keep on coming – at least they do here. Meanwhile mainstream media pretends that nothing of significance is happening other than stupid trivia that should be relegated to Star and National Enquirer pulp magazines.

If you haven’t been inspired to put a little something in your pantry and get to know a lot of your neighbors very well, allow me to remind you.

The combination of current events represents VERY DARK CLOUDS on our horizon.

If your news sources aren’t covering these, they are deliberately distracting you. Remove your consent to being lobotomized. The real news is important, more so today than at any point in your life.