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Obama’s Backdoor Ban on Ammunition

Dear Conservative,

As you are well aware, the Democrats have made it their goal this year to enact gun control by any means necessary. When the legislation failed in the Senate, rather than recognize the widespread public opposition, the Obama Administration turned to executive orders and bureaucratic regulations in order to infringe on your Second Amendment rights.

First, the President used executive orders to ban the re-importation of WWII U.S. military rifles. These were the weapons that we gave to our allies in Europe and East Asia to help them defend against the spread of Communism after the Second World War. Now our allies are trying to sell these rifles back to us, so that our military veterans might enjoy a relic of their past service.

However Obama has forbidden this, for fear that these antique weapons might be used domestically in a crime or a mass killing.

But Obama didn’t stop there. He has ordered each department within his administration to come up with unique ways to trample on the constitution. And that’s where the Environmental Protection Agency comes in…

Without ammunition, guns are useless. Without lead, ammunition is ineffective and lead-free alternatives are more expensive. Thanks to new EPA regulations, the last lead smelting company in the country has been forced to close its doors.


Since 1892, the Doe Run Resources Corporation has served as the country’s primary lead refinery. Located in Southeast Missouri, within the state’s Lead Belt, Doe Run has developed in the largest lead producer in the Western World. Ammunition manufactures like Federal and Lake City (which also service the U.S. Military) deliberately set-up shop in the region in order to be close to the raw materials.

Thanks to the EPA’s new clean air regulations, Doe Run has been forced to close its doors. The EPA calls the shutdown simply a “business decision,” however given the fact that it would have cost the company over $100 million to comply with the regulations, there really was no other alternative.


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The results are staggering. Despite being the world’s third-largest producer of lead ore, U.S. mines are now forced to transport their 444,000 metric tons of lead ore abroad for it to be refined.

This forces domestic ammunition manufacturers – servicing the world’s largest military and the majority of the world’s civilian gun owners – to pick up the tab on this international freight.

These new costs will inevitably become astronomical and will be passed on to the consumer.

It’s bad enough that the 80 million American gun owners will have to pay more to exercise their constitutional rights. But these new costs will also be passed on to Police Departments, the U.S. Military, and other government agencies – we, the taxpayer!

That’s right, not only will you have to pay more so you can hunt, target shoot, or protect yourself, but your increased tax dollars will also go towards arming some of the very agencies that are trying to DISARM YOU!

Thanks to Obama’s EPA, a 120 year old corporation – the only one of its kind in the hemisphere – has been forced to close its doors. You’d expect that Congressmen and Senators would be outraged over this, but we haven’t heard a peep from them. So many jobs lost due to this policy.

You can see through the Administration’s agenda! FAX CONGRESS NOW.

The only explanation I can think of is that our elected officials haven’t heard about Obama’s bureaucratic War on Guns.

Let your voice be heard and tell Congress that you can see through the Administration’s agenda! Lead projectiles have been used throughout history by the world’s militaries, stretching all the way back to the Roman Empire.

If the Obama administration is left unchecked, many Americans will be priced out of the shooting sports and left unable to defend themselves.

Gun owners are well aware of the dangers of lead poisoning. But make no mistake: these new regulations aren’t about protecting the environment.

This is about forcing ammunition companies to import lead from abroad and increasing the burden on America’s already-encumbered gun owners.


When it comes to constitutional rights, if you don’t use it… you lose it.

Unfortunately, it’s come to a point where if you don’t let your representatives hear your frustration, they assume you are happy with the way things are going.

Let them know that the EPA’s actions are unacceptable – Fax Congress.

Prove to the President that hell hath no fury like a conservative scorned!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily