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what’s the goal?

Bitterroot posse patch 5xI’m interested in helping start one in my neighborhood, but could use some help.
What’s the goal?

In every community there are people who jump in to help their neighbors, whether just lending a hand, in serious emergencies or anywhere in between. Often we will do what we have to do, but sure wish we had some help or expertise to call on.

Many of us want to be better prepared and organized in our neighborhood in case urgent help is needed for minor crises or major.  Some know they cannot do certain things, but would willingly add their talents, capabilities to an organized effort at neighborhood-based emergency response. Lord knows the strong and skillful can use support and backup.

In the larger community, several neighborhood posses could work together for training and mutual aid if a situation called for it. The Bitterroot Neighborhood Posse is a project to make that happen, one neighborhood at a time.

There is no fixed size, shape and geographical boundary for a posse. You and your neighbors decide that.

There are no dues. There is no database. There is only a contract of honor, integrity, courage and liberty as defined in the bylaws and the signup sheet. Each posse will organize and work together in their own way within that framework.

Reread the introductory article: Bitterroot Neighborhood Posse

Print out the forms as described there.

Discuss it with a few neighbors.

Set up a meeting and invite me to help if you wish.

Get started.