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the 40 year war

Gallup published results of a poll indicating marijuana legalization is now more popular than prohibition in the USofA.

I suppose I should be somewhat tolerant of the masses as they have been craftily feed an endless stream of bull on that topic from the best propaganda machine the world has ever known.

popularity of legalizing marijuana

But I am real darn close to disgusted that it took the masses any time at all to come around.

In 1972, the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse that President Nixon appointed to confirm and reinforce his prejudices came out with their report – a recommendation that all criminal penalties regarding marijuana be eliminated.

From the famous Watergate Tapes, we know the following to be literal facts:

nixon declares war on drugs 1971The day before the Commission released its report Nixon told Bob Haldeman: “We need, and I use the word ‘all out war,’ or all fronts . . . have to attack on all fronts.”

The conversation went on to plan a speech about why Nixon opposed marijuana legalization and doing “a drug thing every week” during the 1972 presidential election year. One year after Nixon’s “all out war” marijuana arrests jumped over 100,000 to 420,700 people.

Since the Commission recommended marijuana offenses not be a crime nearly 15 million people have been arrested for them.

In a conversation with Bob Haldeman, Nixon says: “I see another thing in the news summary this morning about it. That’s a funny thing, every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish. What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob, what is the matter with them?

In 1967, as a high school student, I responded to Nixon’s public marijuana ranting with my first ever letter to the editor ridiculing his widely disproven assertions that MJ use leads to stronger drugs. I had never even met anyone who had seen or touched the stuff.

I’m just saying, the truth was out there even then … but it is on a silver platter for you today. IF you have any question at all, do an Ixquick search on the subject. You will be hard pressed to retain a favorable opinion of prohibition thereafter.US_incarceration_timeline

You can’t miss what this did to the incarceration rate in this Free Country. Look at those people HELPED by this ban on marijuana. All now convicted FELONS.

Have you ever tried to help a convicted felon get a job and/or attempt to live a regular life? It is one heckuva handicap, I assure you. Click on that chart – blow it up to look at those figures. It’s disgusting.

And you wanna know something else disgusting in this Free Country?

Check this one out.

Yeehaw! We’re Number One!

And not by a little.

There’s something to be proud of.


There’s your USofA over 8 TIMES the incarceration rate of most civilized countries.

And you talk about hypocrisy …. Oh, what, you didn’t plan to talk about that? Well I sure did – from the get-go. That’s what lit my fuse to begin with.

The masses have elected dope-smoking presidents every single election beginning in 1992 (and those are just the ones we know of).

What’s this crap? Okay to be president, but the rest of you guys are felons?

Or is there some mentality that says “prison or The White House – one way or the other we are going to keep an eye on you.”

Or just the rich and connected folks; just the “made men” can do it?

Well it’s disgusting. That Gallup chart at the top should be 100%-to-zero and the politicians pandering this junk should be wearing tar and feathers …
Oops. I meant to be tolerant. Sorry. I slipped.