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riot on-off switch

EBT-card-system-down-300x170Everyone saw the mini-riots when “a computer glich” disrupted the EBT card functions in several different places.

In one test, the cards had no limit. Cool, just fill up the cart with authorized “food products”. Food poured out of the stores in a feeding frenzy of pantry-filling for poor folks.

In another test, the cards did not work at all. Panic, fear and anger exploded into widespread looting. Food and non-food items were taken out the door with no pretense of paying for it.

In both cases, control was impossible in the short term and was restored by empty shelves or locked doors or major police response along with locked doors and empty shelves.

I suspect the one the planners liked the best was the total card shutoff version. Pretty cool – we flip a switch and the place flips out.

Since the turn of the millennium, participation in the food stamp program, known officially as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, has more than doubled to 15 percent of all U.S. residents in January. In some parts of the country, as few as 1 in 20 people receive food stamps. In others, the figure is more than 1 in 3. Low-income households that meet SNAP eligibility requirements receive a payment card that can only be used to buy government-approved essential foods.

47 million people in the USofA have come to rely on food stamps

This is a big play that didn’t happen overnight. Food stamp requirements have been relaxed while seemingly insane legislation and economic manipulation destroyed the lower and middle class.

Now, with the flip of a switch, one small decision-making body can empty the store shelves, piss everybody off at all the wrong people and instantly have an angry, hungry populace in any location they want.

Those living day-to-day on EBT card allowances and private charity food banks have next to nothing. At least that many more who plan no further ahead than dinner tonight will join them almost immediately. Hardly any will be resistant to the food-chain-wipeout for more than a week.

Imposing martial law will be a cakewalk after that.

The majority will tolerate any indignity to gain access to The MRE Cafe
(You DO remember the billion dollars worth of MREs Homeland Insecurity bought recently, don’t you?). Disarm – no problem. Disrobe – sure, if you want. Cavity search, orange jumpsuit, chip implant, whatever…
just feed me and tell me I am safe.

Those who don’t show up …

Well, they have been practicing for this. You remember the targets, don’t you?
See: you and I are the targets

no-more-hesitation-little-boy-real-gun-2x no-more-hesitation-older-man-in-home-shotgun-2xno-more-hesitation-older-woman-gun-2x


P.S. I just want you to note that these little tests were run under the cover of The Really Big Show (imitation budget battle) the clowns in DC were putting on to fill ‘the media moments’ they played on your teevee.

Look over here. Watch me, watch this. Don’t pay any attention to that little play over there.