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your-ad-here-button I have several active websites. You bitterroot-buglehave found one or more of them. If you appreciate the value they provide, consider lending your support.

Owning, operating and publishing costs money – out of my pocket money. I do it for much the same reasons that chickens lay eggs: I simply am compelled to (communicate).

This stuff is inside me. I need to express it. idaholiberty-com-75Primarily, I feel it my calling to offer counterpoint to the inane, anti-logic and counter-common-sense that fills the mainstream media today.

You and your enterprise can be known for supporting these websites by those who also appreciate them.

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Obviously I know more than a little about computers and the Internet. the-fixer-wizard At this moment I own and operate four websites. The sites and links to them are:

My personal website is here:
Ted Dunlap . net

My economic, social and political commentary website:

Carrying the same content (mostly), with a whole lot more history (est. May 2007) and, therefore, with a lot deeper reference library is:

A website I developed to support and advertise my handyman services:
The Fixer .biz

I have built several more websites for myself and others that served out their purposes and have been allowed to go away.

Obviously I can build one for you. I can also host it economically. That is, I can create, establish and support your website needs and desires for a whole lot lower cost than I have found offered anywhere else.

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