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snatching defeat

republican elephantI am amazed at how skillfully the Republicans have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

El Presidente’ and his court jesters shut down parts of the federal government AND many things they did not/do not maintain at all. The Democrats have made no attempt whatsover to economize in what they keep operating, in fact, quite the opposite.

Several federal operatives have reported direct orders to make the “shutdown” as painful as possible.

Amazingly, this somehow has further degraded the Republican reputation worse than it has the Democrats.

Such amazing ineptitude.

They appear to be complete
democrat donkey

One more news story that has me just shaking my head … not just over what our dear leaders are doing, but that so many people find something completely different than I do in it.

Feds Removed Handles From 40

Public Water Pumps Along C&O Canal

Barbara Hollingsworth
CNS News
October 15, 2013

National Park Service (NPS) rangers removed the handles from some 40 public water pumps (drinking fountains) and closed restrooms in the 184.5 mile- C&O Canal National Historical Park, but they haven’t been able to keep hikers and bikers off the popular trail known as a “cyclist’s dream.”

“It’s full every day,” said Gail Hall, who runs Mountain Side Bikes at the trailhead in Cumberland, Md. “They’re bringing in their own water and utilizing the tree-lined areas [of the park] for restrooms. Some towns like Harper’s Ferry even brought in potties to accommodate them. As long as they can pedal, they don’t care.”

Cumberland Times-News reporter Matthew Bieniek, who first reported that the handles on the park’s old-fashioned water pumps had been removed as part of the federal government shutdown, told that Park Superintendent Kevin Brandt told him that the pumps had been disabled “to discourage people from attempting to use the park.”