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BarryCades escapades 13th/14th

October 13th, 2013

Mr. Obama, Tear Down Those Walls!

Veterans, Oath Keepers, and Friends

Tear Down ‘Barrycades’ In D.C.


by Shorty Dawkins

Associate Editor,

Veterans, Oath Keepers, and protesting citizens in Washington, DC dismantled the barriers set up around the WWII Memorial and carried them to the White House (some with signs reading “return to sender”).   And they chanted, ‘Tear down those walls!”   How beautiful!

moving the barricades

shutdown sign

Stupid sign, justifiably ignored.

return to sender

Return to Sender! Barrycade lovingly deposited back where it came from.   How thoughtful and considerate.

Below is Texas Senator Ted Cruz speaking to the assembly and lo and behold, he is standing in front of a Don’t Tread On Me flag and, best of all, an Oath Keepers Flag:

Ted Cruz and Oath Keeper flag

Below is a news report on the removal of the barricades:


At the White House, there was a brief scuffle between protestors and police. It didn’t appear to be too serious, thankfully.   Watch the video yourself:


Yes, Mr. Obama, you are being likened to Mikhail Gorbachev, to whom President Reagan famously said, while standing at the Brandenburg Gates in Berlin, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down those walls.”

It is ironic, at the very least, that the President who promised the most open administration in U.S. history, has been likened to the closed society of the old Soviet Union. The ‘walls’ Pres. Obama had erected at the WWII Memorial, and many others, preventing We the People from paying our respects to our fallen heroes, who fought and died to preserve the liberty promised by the Declaration of Independence and our beloved Constitution, show him a fitting figure of repression, secrecy and wall-building that brings to mind by the sight of the Berlin Wall.

Despite his rhetoric, the truth of the matter is that Pres. Obama’s administration has been one of the most closed administrations in our history. Saying a thing is so, does not make it so, if the facts say otherwise. His secret courts, renditions, assassinations, and spying on Americans show the facts belie his rhetoric.

Pres. Obama does not trust We the People. His purpose has been to divide us, through lie after lie, and rule by division, while claiming all the while to be a uniter. To that I say balderdash!  Else, why have his Fusion Centers placed returning war veterans, Ron Paul supporters, Conservative Christians, Constitutionalists, and everyone who might be in opposition to his progressive policies, on a ‘watch list’ as potential terrorists?

Mr. President, I say: Tear done those walls! Not just the barricades you have placed at beloved Memorials, but the walls of secrecy you have erected around your administration, for secrecy is just another side of deceit. Be open with the American public, whom you supposedly serve, and stop hiding behind your walls.  You are not a Caesar, you are President of the Republic.  You are sworn to obey and defend our Constitution. When will you begin to do so? And when will Congress and the Courts do the same? There is enough blame to go around, but it is the President who sets the tone for our Nation.  Right now that tone is of treachery, deceit, secrecy and obliviousness to the document that established the government you stand at the head of.  You have an opportunity to form a great, lasting legacy, if you will but do what the Constitution requires of you, and treat the American people with respect,  rather than the sniveling secrecy that you hide behind.  Try being a man, Mr. President, the man the office you hold deserves.

We at Oath Keepers wish to thank all those who stood up for justice, liberty and the American way, by attending this event and tearing down the barricades. That you delivered them to the White House, which was the source of the orders to shut down the Memorials is only fitting.

Would you, Mr. President, face this veteran of WWII, man to man, and tell him why you tried to stop him from visiting the WWII Memorial to pay his respects to fallen comrades-in-arms?
thank you

Many folks lined up to shake his hand and to thank him for his service. If it weren’t for the protestors, he wouldn’t be sitting where he is. It was because of them, in opposition to the petulant efforts of the President to shut down this Memorial, that he is here. Thank you, sir, for your service. Shame on you, Mr. President.

Here we have a video of the Vets carrying the barricades past the White House.


Here are more pictures from the protest.

Well golly! Look, it’s Sarah Palin standing in front of an Oath Keeper flag. A tip of the hat to the Oath Keeper who brought it and displayed it proudly.

Budget Battle

Below is one determined Veteran with a purpose. Bless you, sir.

Determined vet

The crowd

The crowd 2

Above, the young man in the foreground is learning a valuable lesson about America, and what we stand for!

removing barrier

My Dad Served in WWII

A daughter honors her Father’s service.

And last, but certainly not least:

Iwo Jima redo


Follow the media, it says  it all.  The Rally was a huge success.

Oath Keepers from all over the country joined the Maryland Chapter in letting defiance be made known.

Johnn Zeitz, Sgt. of Arms, MD Chapter was Chosen to Escort Sarah Palin through the crowds to the podium.  John showed excellent leadership during the rally and all events leading up to the rally.  John is a product of the 82nd Airborne.

The barricades were removed from the Monument and transported to the front gate of the White House and left in a neat pile to let The Office know what could be done with their barricades.The Park Police went out of their way to convey their individual support and admiration for the task that we came to accomplish.

CaptWWIIFrom the left to right are Bob Shirley, John Zeitz, Captain America (Jim Griffin), & Mel Sann of Up-State NY


What was Obama (or his handlers) thinking?   Did they really think they could shut down the veteran memorials, keeping WWII vets from paying their last respects on Honor Flights, and that we veterans would blame it on the Republicans, during the government “shutdown”?   Clearly, that was the intent.  But anyone with common sense could see that it was entirely unnecessary to shut down and barricade off outdoor memorials that are made of stone and concrete, and are not going anywhere.   It was nothing but a cynical attempt at political manipulation, to artificially make the shutdown more dramatic and inconvenient for as many citizens as possible -with many other nonsensical “shutdowns” of monuments and national parks across the country, such as blocking off the road in front of Mt. Rushmore so folks can’t just get out of their cars and look at it – as if someone was going to steal it unless it was blocked off!

This has blown up in Obama’s face, big time.  It is really not a good idea to piss off the veterans, as was made clear on Sunday, when they ripped down the silly ‘Barrycades” and dumped them on the White House lawn.   Obama has awoken a sleeping giant.   This is a demonstration of the reality that the political elites really just don’t understand us veterans.  I saw the same mindset at Yale – people who were book smart, but totally lacking in common-sense – a type of elite “autism.”  They just don’t get the rest of us, and they have the arrogance and hubris to think they have it all figured out, and can manipulate us with impunity, till they are shown the error of their ways.

This is the same mindset King George, his ministers, and his officers had, when they were utterly convinced that the colonists would never offer any meaningful resistance to their oppression.  They believed that right up until April 19, 1775, when they got the surprise of their lives from the veterans of that time.   We are in a similar situation, with intellectual idiots who just don’t understand America’s warriors and who really have nothing but contempt and hatred for them.   What else explains the calculated attempt to deny access to World War II veterans on Honor Flights – many of whom are on their last pilgrimage to the memorials?   Disgusting and intolerable.  And that is what the veterans on the Mall thought too, which is why those ‘Barrycades’ came down.   It is a good thing the Park Police had the wisdom, respect, and decency to just let the veterans do what needed to be done.   By doing so, they honored their oaths, and they honored those who have served.

Now, let’s tear down the rest of the “Iron Curtain” of secret, uncountable government that is being slammed down on us.    We know that Stasi East Germany is being transplanted here, on American soil.   Time to turn the tide, and sweep it away, to restore the Republic for the sake of our children and grand-children.  Remember, none of us get’s out of here alive.  All that matters is that we leave our children free.   Follow the example of the veterans and other patriots who ripped down those barricades.   Let go of fear, stand up, and do what needs to be done.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes

Founder of Oath Keepers


CRITICAL UPDATE, 10/14/2013:   Today, the ‘Barrycades’ are being put back up at the World War II Memorial. Clearly, Obama thinks that what happened over the weekend was a mere flash in the pan, and now he can get back to his perverse, calculated, vindictive insult to our WWII veterans, by shutting down their memorial.  We need to prove him wrong.   Oath Keepers will work with other veteran groups and dedicated patriots, to establish a rotating “Honor Guard” of veterans at the WWII Memorial to take the damn things down as soon as they go up, so the WWII vets on Honor Flights can get in to pay their respects.   They risked all, in combat, to stop Fascism over there.  We need to step up and keep them from being victimized by Fascism here.  Let’s get it done!

WWII barrycades are back

Yet Another Intolerable Act.  This cannot be allowed to stand.