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autumn leaves

The USofA and world economies are standing on paper; piles and piles, mountains of paper printed by the central bankers and LOANED OUT to individuals, businesses and governments.

Precious few of us are producing things people NEED… beets and carrots,
beans and rice, apples and oranges, chicken and beef, cotton and wool …
Most of what we DO are tasks the real world can easily do without.

What keeps us employed, earning income is this blizzard of paper money that keeps pouring out of the central banks – again, in the forms of LOANS. National debt, personal debt, business debt. Remembering to whom this is owed and how they came by the money they loaned out will soon be very important.

We are not standing on rock, or soil or hard assets we created, stored, earned and preserved. We are standing on a pile of paper very much like a raked up pile of autumn leaves. The only thing that keeps us from sinking to the earth underneath the leaves is that we imagine this pile of paper to have substance. When that dream pops, we crash to the ground.

Here it is graphically:


When we are little kids, we can run and jump into piles of leaves; sit in them throwing armfuls up in the air, smiling, laughing in unbridled joy. How flippin stupid for us as adults to be sitting in this pile of fiat currency throwing it around in the delusion that it is wealth.

Mr Grocer, Trade you a can of beans for this leaf?

How about this handful of leaves?wheelbarrow_cash_weimar_germany
How about this wheelbarrow of leaves?

Now where are we?


From a dream gone bad.

And on paper, the bankers who printed the piles and piles burning money.aspx of money own everything.

On paper, you owe them everything.

All of us owe them everything.


Unless a sufficient number of us
were smart enough to have
beans, bullets and bullion set aside.

Combine that with courage, intelligence and wit,crusader rabbit
there will be one heck of a show
when the dark forces of the central bankers
come to collect and meet the wall
of intelligent humanity.

One way or the other, you will be involved.