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where to stash your cash

In the social media realm, I do spend some time hanging Trombone Ted
out at The Trombone Forum where I find folks who love
The Instrument Of The Gods
as much and more than I do.

I tend to avoid political and economic discussions as the prevailing mentality is strongly statist, socialist and fascist. Kind of like at the family or neighborhood gathering where you simply don’t discuss politics and religion.

But every once in a while my reserve is weak and I kick their comfortable mythology in the teeth. I rarely don’t regret it as the massive dog pile that lands on my post reminds me of just how popular is the faith in Big Brother among music teachers, music professors and musical artists.

I just couldn’t let the discussion of “Where to store your money” go …
stocks, bonds, banks, mattresses, etc. It was just sad to me that they were overlooking the 800 pound gorilla when talking about where to hide the banana.

So I jumped in:

All this assumes that the Federal Reserve Note will be the first FIAT (unbacked paper) Currency in the history of Man that does not revert to its nominal value – that of the paper itself.

The Federal Reserve note, which in 1913 took the place of the US Dollar that was convertible to gold and silver on demand, is backed by nothing at all… that is, rather than redeemable in silver or gold, it is redeemable in Federal Reserve Notes. When the six international banks who OWN the Federal Reserve choose to default or cannot help but default, the value of your dollars is so close to zero as to be equivalent.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter where you store them, they are worthless.

Spend all of them on brass or other useful things while others still accept them as having value. A pile of trombones is far more valuable than a pile of printed paper. If you run out of room for trombones, you could stoop to trumpets, but at that point I recommend gold and silver – or groceries.